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Venafi German Security Survey

Venafi conducted a survey on the state of machine identity protection in Germany. The study included responses from 305 security stakeholders who are responsible for encryption in German organizations.

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Survey Results

“It’s great to see that organizations are beginning to realize their machine identities need to be protected. After all, the digital transformation of business is completely dependent on machines, not people. However, we know businesses already spend over $8 billion a year protecting human identities and almost nothing protecting machine identities.”

--- Jeff Hudson, CEO of Venafi.





“Unfortunately, we continue to see the same lack of prioritization of machine identity protection in every industry and every country around the world,” concluded Hudson. “Until businesses begin to understand how critical machine identity protection is to security and begin allocating resources to it, we’re going to continue to see successful, large-scale cyberattacks.”

--- Jeff Hudson, CEO of Venafi.

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