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3 Ways the Machine Identity Protection Development Fund is Helping to Protect Your Business

3 Ways the Machine Identity Protection Development Fund is Helping to Protect Your Business

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March 27, 2019 | Bridget Hildebrand

Machine identities are exploding. Complexity, speed, and risk will only increase. Organizations that were in charge of securing a few thousand machines a couple of years ago are now trying to protect hundreds of thousands or even millions of machines today. Everything from Kubernetes clusters to cloud instances are driving these number higher by at least 25 percent per year. As the number of machines in businesses increases, so does the number of corresponding machine identities (as well as the number of machine identities on each machine). This exponential growth complicates the already complex challenge of maintaining effective, enterprise-wide machine identity protection.

Venafi envisions a world where all machine identities are protected. Where there is complete intelligence and the highest speed automation. To accelerate this vision for customers, Venafi launched the Machine Identity Protection Development Fund. With $12.5 Million, the Development Fund sponsors the creation of integrated solutions with the Venafi Platform. This is accelerating the expansion of the Venafi ecosystem.

As a Venafi customer, the Development Fund enables you to expand your strategy for machine identity from DevOps, cloud, analytics, and much more. And it delivers these technology outcomes quickly so you and your team can successfully to protect more machine identities faster – now and in the future.

How? Consider these three priorities…

  1. Gain visibility of machine identities across your infrastructure. Integrations from the Fund will help you build a machine identity protection program that will ensure all your company’s machine identities are visible and processes are automated, providing valuable business intelligence and agility. You benefit from Venafi’s 15-year investment in helping the world’s largest Global 5000 organizations gain visibility, intelligence and automation over their machine identities. From assessing and securing cryptographic keys to automating the life cycles of digital certificates, the Venafi Platform protects machine identities in even the largest of enterprise environments.

    Development Fund Recipient: Open Credo 
    Prefer Apache Kafka for event streaming? A Kafka connector for Venafi Platform offers a built-in way to extract event data for downstream analysis.
  2. Speed time to protection for your machine identities. The Fund helps you secure your infrastructure and save precious time with technology integrations that are extraordinarily simple to use and do not require complex configurations that take time to understand and master. Venafi has fostered the growth of an unparalleled ecosystem of technology partner integrations, so you get the maximum value from your machine identity protection program. Integrations range from the world’s leading providers of security solutions to the hottest DevOps consultancies. Together, Venafi and technology leaders everywhere have created over 1000 integrations that make it simple to manage machine identities.

    Development Fund Recipient: Jetstack
    Struggling to enforce security policies without slowing DevOps? Now you can get seamless, automatic policy usage for cert-manager and certificate validation for certificates running in Kubernetes
  3. Future proof your infrastructure to secure emerging technologies. The Fund helps you meet the demands of your business whatever direction they take with technologies like DevOps and cloud, IoT, artificial intelligence (AI) operations, visualization, code signing and blockchain. The Venafi platform serves as a centralized point of issuance and control for machine identities and integrates with cloud environments to support hybrid and multi-cloud strategies. Venafi’s API is natively integrated into DevOps tools to provide and manage machine identities in dynamic, modern infrastructure environments.

    Development Fund Recipient: Difenda
    Want to automate certificates within your infrastructure? A ServiceNow module integrated with the Venafi Platform with customizable ServiceNow request forms and automated workflows for Machine Identity request, approval and issuance lifecycle

With these three security benefits, the Fund will help you reduce the risk you face personally as security professional—your job and your reputation—in implementing an enterprise-wide machine identity protection strategy with a product that works out of the box and is well supported.

In addition to Fund recipients OpenCredo, Jetstack, Cygnacom and Difenda, new developers are being sponsored each month that solve critical challenges in machine identity protection. Visit our Venafi Technology Network Marketplace as these funded works become available.

Want to learn more about the Development Fund? Join us for a short web presentation by Kevin Bocek, Venafi Vice President of Ecosystem & Threat Intelligence on April 16, 2019 at 10:00am PT.

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Bridget Hildebrand
Bridget Hildebrand

Bridget Hildebrand writes for Venafi's blog and is an expert in machine identity protection.

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