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Black Hat 2013 Briefings Day 2 Report

Black Hat 2013 Briefings Day 2 Report

August 2, 2013 | Kevin Bocek

The last day of briefings at Black Hat 2013 was full of new attacks that every enterprise needs to be aware of. The attacks on the trust that’s established by keys, certificates, and underlying cryptography displayed at Black Hat is both a recognition of the cybercriminal focus and their importance to everyday life.


While salacious and headline grabbing, one of most important sessions this year was Cryptopocalypse. The presenters from iSEC Partners detailed how academic advancement in mathematics have accelerated and new breakthroughs could happen any day that lead to the ability to factor RSA keys at key lengths thought adequate today. As an example, the panel presented how the

Image removed.

The presenters used humor to make an important point, saying:

It’s been 40 years since many of the asymmetric cryptographic innovations we depend on everyday were made and guidance to move on is almost a decade old itself. When the NSA released Suite B cryptographic recommendations, they decided not to include the RSA algorithms, indicating the US government should make preparations to move away from RSA. It’s likely a good time for enterprises to review the recommendations.

Image removed.The NIST guidance on CA Compromise provides a good set of detailed recommendations to prepare organization for dealing with compromised certificates –whether due to an attack on a CA or when particular cryptographic methods can no longer be trusted.

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About the author

Kevin Bocek
Kevin Bocek

Kevin is Vice President of Security Strategy & Threat Intelligence at Venafi. He is recognized as a subject matter expert in threat detection, encryption, digital signatures, and key management, and has previously held positions at CipherCloud, PGP Corporation and Thales.

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