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Buy vs. Build: Integrating Machine Identity Management With Your ITSM

Buy vs. Build: Integrating Machine Identity Management With Your ITSM

June 17, 2021 | Mark Sanders
Why should you use Venafi with your ITSM?

Your end users are already using ServiceNow or Jira, and are comfortable using them on a daily basis. It’s worth taking advantage of the fact that they are already accustomed to these platforms. Your end users are simply not interested in taking the time and energy to learn yet another portal, and would much prefer to expand the adoption of tools they have already invested in. Plus, high-level executives will always appreciate the opportunity to utilize applications and tools they’ve purchased to their fullest extents.

Organizations need self-service. There is no better way to use machine identity management-as-a-service than with applications such as ServiceNow and Jira that are already built to perform as a service, and this seamless flow will ensure your team is doing machine identity management-as-a-service the right way. It will also solve several business problems for your organization.

The drawbacks of building your own ITSM solutions in-house

Large organizations with subject matter experts that already know Jira or ServiceNow feel they can easily build out process to request a certificate, populate CMDB, and open tickets prior to expiration. Easy, right? In truth, the devil is in the details, and there are a lot of details! Building out the technology needed involves:

  • User authentication and permission mapping
  • Policy enforcement
  • Ownership mapping
  • CA management
  • Object creation/deletion/resynch
  • Workflow
  • Renewal handling
  • Approval
  • Inventory/CMDB synch
  • Installation automation handling
  • Security aspects (where keys are stored, who can access keys, HSM integration, etc.)

Venafi Trust Protection Platform admins understand all the factors that go into this that must be done in-depth and with high accuracy. That’s why Venafi has partnerships and integrations to handle it all for you

What to consider when purchasing cross-company integrations

The three main features to consider are the software’s autonomy, flexibility and reliability. Workflows and processes are constantly evolving, and it is vital that you are clear on how exactly changes are accommodated. You also need to be sure that it is flexible enough to handle any future requirements your team may grow to need without any complex coding. Finally, you must be able to rely on your service to constantly sync and update their systems to ensure your information is safely stored in the inevitable case of a system outage.

Benefits of utilizing Venafi and ITSM integration


Automation is and will continue to be the key to this industry. The ability to automate boosts efficiency. ServiceNow and Jira are already capable of seamless automation, and are the perfect segue to integrate Venafi and ITSM solutions.

Prevent misuse and compromise

Relying on automation also boosts accuracy. After all, the fewer human hands are touching things, the less likely mistakes are. Less mistakes means less opportunity for compromise within your network and less vulnerability to attack.

Stopping outages

 Far too many teams think preventing outages is all about decent technology and notifications, but truly stopping outages is much more than that. You must have good integrations and trained people and process that can utilize the technology.

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