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Jetstack Secure Answers the Call to Boost Cloud Security [Encryption Digest 56]

Jetstack Secure Answers the Call to Boost Cloud Security [Encryption Digest 56]

February 19, 2021 | Alexa Hernandez

Have you gotten the memo? Migrations to cloud-based environments are accelerating faster than ever!

Cyberattacks have become increasingly more sophisticated, forcing industry leaders and organizations across industries to strengthen cybersecurity and make the switch to modern data platforms. Most businesses have moved their data and applications over to cloud platforms, and those that haven’t are already planning migrations.

It’s clear why cloud-first is becoming the new standard. In addition to the new-age applications and advanced analytics available within cloud platforms, third-party cloud and and security services can offer a new level of data protection that’s can be challenging to maintain with on-prem environments. There is, however, one aspect in cloud environments that is not being considered as carefully as it should be: machine identities.

Traditional network security tools used for on-premises data are simply not flexible enough to protect hybrid and multi clouds, and cloud machine identities are a major target for bad actors. That’s why Jetstack have officially launched their new flagship platform dedicated to bringing enterprise-grade security to your cloud native platforms.

Learn why machine identity management is essential to any organization that is or already has migrated to the cloud, and how Jetstack Secure is the solution you need!

Machine Identities Are a Major Target in Cloud Platforms – Are Yours Safe?

Since cloud is officially here to stay, machine identities must be protected from the bad actors who specialize in compromising weak credentials or keys. Cloud offers the capability to access software and data from any device, a feature that has the potential to be as dangerous as it is convenient. Cybercriminals can easily take advantage of weaknesses in authentication, tokens, and other identity-related mechanics.

A managed and secured cloud environment is only possible with a strong identity access management (IAM) strategy for people and machines. By necessity, IAM strategies require  a multi-layered approach to security. It ensures not only that authorized users on certified accounts are accessing your organization’s accounts and information, but also that it’s being accessed at the right times for appropriate reasons. How does this work in practice?

First, an effective IAM strategy for the cloud establishes the identity of users  and any device or machine they may be using. The second layer of a strong cloud IAM program is to establish what sensitive data and company resources each certified user and machine has authority to access. Finally, IAM strategies must protect the security of data and applications.

Combining these three layers  into a solid IAM strategy will help you create a new IAM blueprint for the cloud that ensures security for your business.

Jetstack Secure Boosts Security for Cloud-Native Platforms

Jetstack’s new flagship platform, Jetstack Secure, offers machine identity management and comprehensive protection for cloud native platforms. Built for fast-paced Kubernetes and OpenShift environments, this product meets the need for high-level automation and best-practice security.

According to Jetstack CTO and cofounder, Matt Bates, “We’ve seen first-hand from our work with customers that adopting cloud native technologies and modern microservice architecture very quickly leads to a significant growth of TLS-certificates.”

This increase of TLS certificates brings the need for developers to have full, detailed visibility of each cluster and all workload certificates. Without this “hands-free” automation, it would be a constant struggle to ensure certificates are consistent and up-to-date.

In addition to all of this functionality, Jetstack is also offering all Jetstack Secure users full access to their resource library, equipped with best practice security blueprints and cloud deployment playbooks.

Visit the Jetstack Secure Product Page to view the full feature matrix and get started for free!

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