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Jetstack’s cert-manager Matures to v1.0 with New Enterprise Support

Jetstack’s cert-manager Matures to v1.0 with New Enterprise Support

September 4, 2020 | Scott Carter

Venafi is pleased to celebrate a new open source milestone with Jetstack—v1 release of cert-manager. Jetstack started the project three years ago to automate the management of x509 machine identities within Kubernetes and OpenShift. Since that time, Jetstack has been acquired by machine identity management leader Venafi, and cert-manager has grown to become a leading community project in the cloud native ecosystem, with many tens of thousands of end-users.


What is cert-manager?

cert-manager makes certificate authorities and certificates first-class resource types in the Kubernetes API, enabling developers to easily request machine identities for applications, whilst platform and security teams can maintain control and visibility.

The most common use case for cert-manager is requesting TLS signed certificates to secure Ingress resources. It can also be used programatically by Kubernetes-native applications, as well as via the CSI driver to provide certificates on disk for the likes of intra-pod mTLS and more legacy applications.

cert-manager is now used by companies all across the world and in all sorts of industries, including government departments, large financial institutions, car manufacturers, and retail stores. To better support those organizations, Jetstack also announced commercial support for the project. Commercial support services will allow enterprises to rely on the software have direct access to Jetstack for support and engineering assistance.

New offering: cert-manager Enterprise

Along with the release of cert-manager 1.0, Jetstack is announcing cert-manager Enterprise to solidify Jetstack’s commitment and support to the project.

cert-manager Enterprise isn’t a new version of the code, it is a package of enterprise-grade support and add-ons from Jetstack to complement the open source project. Specifically, cert-manager Enterprise offers:

  • 24x7 support from the creators and maintainers of the project: professional 24x7 support from cert-manager experts available to deal with issues that are affecting your business-critical systems, as well as direct access to the engineering team.
  • Signed builds for security and trust: eliminate software supply chain issues by getting signed builds directly from the authors of the project.
  • Visibility of configuration issues with Preflight: cert-manager configuration checked by our automated scanning tool Preflight. It provides warnings about critical problems and suggestions for configuration improvements, with detailed remediation information.
  • Access to best practice blueprints and playbooks: our team of cloud native engineers maintain detailed blueprints and playbooks, covering recommended architectural patterns and operational practices for more complex deployments, such as multi-cluster/cloud/mesh.
Do you want to get involved in the cert-manager community?

If you want to get involved in the project, Jetstack has various meetings and communication channels and always welcome new participants, in whatever capacity.

First, sign up for the mailing list to be invited to bi-weekly development meetings (held every other Wednesday at 5pm London time). The #cert-manager and #cert-manager-dev channels on the Kubernetes Slack are also a great place to start and get chatting about ideas or questions you have.

Or you can join Jetstack virtually on September 9, 2020 for the first ever cert-manager Community Day. Learn more about the project and where it’s going, hear from end users about use cases with talks and demos, ask the maintainers anything and meet others interested in managing machine identities with Kubernetes and cloud native tooling.

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