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Machine Identity Management Development Fund Continues to Futureproof Customer Investments in 2nd Quarter of 2021

Machine Identity Management Development Fund Continues to Futureproof Customer Investments in 2nd Quarter of 2021

July 15, 2021 | Bridget Hildebrand

At last month’s Machine Identity Management Global Summit, Kevin Bocek, Venafi’s VP of Ecosystem and Threat Intelligence, delivered a memorable race car-themed keynote: “Build to Survive”. In his keynote he said, “As we take our businesses to the next level, we're reaching for new outcomes—from stopping debilitating outages through to modernizing for the highest levels of speed and agility. Venafi integrates with innovators from around the world. You could try to go it alone without an ecosystem, but you won't be winning any races. We accelerate the future of machine identity management. The need for innovation and integration will only increase from one line of code to the latest cloud native technologies. This is where the power of the Venafi ecosystem is your competitive advantage from the established leaders to the over 40 developers in the Machine Identity Management Development Fund.”

It’s the Development Fund that we celebrate here as it continues to expand the Venafi ecosystem—in connectivity, in community, and in innovation—future-proofing your success in managing machine identities across your organization.

In the second quarter of 2021, the Machine Identity Management Development Fund has directly sponsored five new developer projects. These experts in their field will create integrations that accelerate the delivery of comprehensive management for machine identities in support of the Venafi and Jetstack ecosystems. The newest developers to receive sponsorship from the Development Fund include:



Corsha is a well-funded, cybersecurity company with innovative technology for API security. Machine identities used alone in API authentication are typically long-lived and possible to steal and reuse—especially today as organizations embrace digital transformation towards automation and cloud. Corsha solves this problem by providing a dynamic and unique layer of machine identity, which enables zero-trust access for API services. As part of the Machine Identity Management Development Fund, Corsha is integrating cert-manager and Jetstack Secure into its native Kubernetes-based infrastructure. Corsha is based in the Washington, DC area.


Cprime is a global consulting firm that helps transforming businesses get in sync. By integrating Venafi with Slack via chatbot, Cprime is building a fast, easy pipeline for machine identity management. Instead of switching back and forth between tools, this project will provide notifications to be sent to Slack and specific actions to be completed within Slack using slash commands. With this integration, Venafi users can perform basic and common machine identity management tasks without leaving a favorite communication channel. Cprime is headquartered in California.


Cryptosense has become the world's leading platform for cryptography lifecycle management. The Cryptosense Analyzer Platform includes a variety of tools for obtaining full visibility on all the cryptography used in an application, including machine identities like TLS certificates. The platform can be used both to find unknown applications and their machine identities certificates, and to understand how the application uses them. However, currently, the reconciliation between certificates found by a Cryptosense Analyzer Platform scan, and a Venafi inventory has to be done manually. This Development Fund project will enable Venafi and Cryptosense customers to continuously discover more machine identities. Cryptosense is headquartered in France.


IDMWORKS, experts in Identity and Access Management and Data Center Management, understand that Ping Identity provides modern authentication capabilities to organizations. Machine identities are used throughout the Ping infrastructure to secure administrator and user access, and most importantly to authenticate access tokens. In the event these machine identities are stolen or not properly maintained, applications can go offline and attackers gain unauthorized access. To address this Machine Identity Management challenge, IDMWORKS is developing a seamless integration to discover, request and install certificates used by the Ping Identity Platform. IDMWORKS is a managed identity services and consultancy firm based in Florida.

Indie Devs

Sigurdur (Siggi) Darri Skulason

Siggi Skulason was the first developer accepted to the Indie Devs program in the Development Fund. Siggi received additional funding to develop EdgeCA—an ephemeral, in-memory CA providing service mesh machine identities. It automates Machine Identity Management for TLS certificates with an issuing certificate and policy provided by Venafi using VCert. This new project will build on EdgeCA to solve the need of Jamstack developers to bring machine identities into their development process in an integrated way, providing certificates as a part of other data queriable with GraphQL. This makes it faster and easier to use Machine Identity Management with one line of code. Siggi is based in the United Kingdom.

This blog features solutions from the ever-growing Venafi Ecosystem, where industry leaders are building and collaborating to protect more machine identities across organizations like yours. Learn more about how the Venafi Technology Network is evolving above and beyond just technical integrations.


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Bridget Hildebrand
Bridget Hildebrand

Bridget is Sr. Manager, Ecosystem Marketing at Venafi. She has over 20 years of experience managing technology partnerships and global channel programs for a broad range of technology organizations.

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