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Now You Can Command Venafi From Your ServiceNow Platform [Thanks Nous]

Now You Can Command Venafi From Your ServiceNow Platform [Thanks Nous]

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August 28, 2019 | Bridget Hildebrand

Machine identities are exploding, and attackers are looking to misuse them every day.

Venafi is committed to enabling our customers to protect the entire lifecycle of their machine identities across their existing infrastructure. To support this effort, we created the Machine Identity Management Development Fund. With $12.5 Million, the Fund sponsors the development of integrations with the Venafi Platform over the coming years, accelerating the expansion of the Venafi ecosystem.

It has now been eight months since the Development Fund’s inception, and more than fifteen companies are building integrations with the Venafi platform. I have had the pleasure of getting to know many of them and learning about the exciting plans they have for the Venafi Platform.



In this latest interview series, I speak with Anil Bajaj who is Vice President, Client Partner at Nous Infosystems headquartered in New Jersey.

Bridget: What does Nous Infosystems do?

Anil: Nous Infosystems is an IT services provider with a large established ServiceNow practice.  We are a Technology partner with ServiceNow.  We’ve worked with Venafi in the past and are excited to continue our efforts as part of the Machine Identity Management Fund.

Bridget: As part of the Development Fund, what’s the machine identity management challenge you are seeking to solve?

Anil:  As the number of machines continue to grow across the enterprise, it becomes necessary to enable their identity management throughout the enterprise. The most effective way to do this is by automating the end-to-end lifecycle management of machine identities—from digital certificates request intake to deployment and renewal. Venafi is a powerful solution designed to address this critical need. However, many companies would like to simplify this process even further by integrating their deployed Venafi infrastructure with their existing service management and ticketing systems.

It just doesn’t make sense for companies that use Venafi for Machine Identity Management and ServiceNow to perform other IT service management tasks to constantly switch between the two applications to perform basic tasks for digital certificates management. Their productivity can be improved if commonly used functionalities of Venafi can be accessed from within ServiceNow. That’s where the Nous solution can add value.

Bridget: How does Nous propose to solve this challenge?

Anil: What we  offer to users of Venafi and ServiceNow is an add-on application on the ServiceNow platform that leverages Venafi APIs to make the most commonly used certificate management capabilities of available on ServiceNow. This solution, named DCO (Digital Certificate Organizer), has gone through a review and certification process by ServiceNow and is currently listed on ServiceNow Store. 

Bridget: Describe the new world for customers when the ServiceNow module is complete.

Anil: As part of the Development Fund we are implementing new capabilities into the DCO in addition to what is already available. With the new intergration, Venafi users will be able to import data on existing certificates, map certificates to digital assets, and perform auto-renewals—and they get an improved, highly intuitive GUI  and a self-service dashboard. [JN1] Now Venafi users who also use ServiceNow are able to carry out the most commonly performed tasks for certificates management with ease and efficiency without leaving their familiar ServiceNow user interface, and they get a centralized view of their universe of certificates right from within ServiceNow.

Updates to DCO are targeted to be completed in Q3 of 2019. Visit Nous Infosystems on the Venafi Marketplace for more information and to connect to the DCO on ServiceNow Store. And stay tuned for future interviews with Machine Identity Management Development Fund recipients.



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Bridget Hildebrand

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