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Self-Service ITSM Access: Spotlight on the ServiceRocket and Venafi Integration for Jira Service Management

Self-Service ITSM Access: Spotlight on the ServiceRocket and Venafi Integration for Jira Service Management

July 27, 2021 | Mark Sanders

The Jira platform from Atlassian is essentially a workflow engine that allows for the tracking of units of work through customizable workflows. In Jira Service Management (JSM), work is organized into projects, where you can define granular user permissions and assign roles to users and groups, enabling an entire organization to run their service desks at a project level with both control and complete transparency. This widely deployed technology platform speeds service delivery, but all that human access can create info security risk.

For example, the responsibility for machine identity lifecycle management often spans across multiple departments and platforms, such as Venafi and Jira. When these platforms are not connected and certificate lifecycles are not automated, problems and mistakes will occur. Manual certificate requests are frequently subject to inevitable human error, and when users have to keep switching between platforms the policies defined by Venafi become much harder to enforce.

These issues can lead to costly outages, impacting the reliability and availability of critical servers. Last year a certificate-related outage impacted 32 million cellular customers in the UK, and estimates suggest this could have cost the company over $100 million.  The only way to prevent certificate-related outages is to remain on top of machine identities 24/7. And that’s exactly what Atlassian experts ServiceRocket set out to do with sponsorship from the Machine Identity Management Development Fund. ServiceRocket, founded in Sydney, Australia in 2001, supports 5,000 customers across the globe with software adoption services to support digital transformation.

ServiceRocket began the task of integrating JSM by creating a simple yet powerful app. As a result, ServiceRocket has built the Connector for Venafi & JSM that bridges the gap between these two platforms. Connector allows engineering and InfoSec teams to seamlessly work together to achieve secure machine identity management.

Jira and Venafi: Powerful platforms, stronger together

Connector for Venafi & JSM makes it easy to connect Venafi and engineering teams and enable DevOps to request, create, download, renew or revoke certificates without switching platforms. It can be used to automate cross-functional certificate workflows and enhance security by enforcing the Venafi policies and minimizing outages and downtime throughout the machine identity life cycle.

How does the Venafi and JSM integration work?

Streamlining and automating the Venafi and JSM workflows reduces friction and manual errors and allows teams to act quickly when certificates must be renewed and revoked.

A structured request form also ensures the correct information is captured to generate the certificate and to enforce compliance with Venafi policies. With self-service certificate management, users have a one-stop channel to request and directly download certificates through JSM, greatly boosting your teams’ productivity.

Connector allows teams to use a single, centralized platform for creating new certificates, as well as renewal, revoking and direct download. Admin configurations include connecting JSM to Venafi, selecting available policies, configuring JSM projects and request forms, and automation capabilities.

How can you access this Jira and Venafi integration?

ServiceRocket and Venafi have worked together to make it easy for organizations to bridge the platform gap, and provide DevOps teams a seamless, self-service method of managing certificates, securing machine identities, and keeping websites outage-free!

You can learn more about Venafi, ServiceRocket and JSM on the Venafi Marketplace or get it today on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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