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Six Groundbreaking Machine Identity Protection Developers Gain Funding

Six Groundbreaking Machine Identity Protection Developers Gain Funding

accessec, APIIDA, Crypto4A, Difenda
June 28, 2019 | Eva Hanscom

The world’s largest organizations continue to recognize the value of integrating machine identity protection into key applications within their security infrastructure. To meet this growing demand, Venafi announced the Machine Identity Protection Development Fund last December.  This $12.5 million global initiative encourages recipients to build integrations that deliver greater visibility, intelligence and automation across the groundbreaking technology that creates or consumes machine identities.


Are you facing a machine identity crisis? Read the white paper.

To keep pace with the growing demand for solutions that integrate machine identity protection, Venafi recently revealed six new cutting-edge developers who will receive direct sponsorship in the Machine Identity Protection Development Fund.

The new developers joining the Machine Identity Protection Development Fund include:

  • accessec, trusted consultancies for CSOs, CISOs and CTOs on IT security issues, will use fund sponsorship to build a machine identity protection integration for industrial programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Until now, PLCs have not had a standard for machine identity protection due to a lack of standard software and interfaces. accessec will develop machine identity protection for PLCs connected to the Venafi platform. accessec is based in Germany and advises some of the world’s largest automotive brands.
  • APIIDA, a specialist in API, identity and access software solutions, will use fund sponsorship to build a direct integration with the Venafi platform and Broadcom Layer7 API Management (formally CA). APIIDA will also support the Venafi platform in the APIIDA API Gateway Manager delivering machine identity automation previously not available to Layer7 customers. Currently, API gateways operate as standalone instances and do not include automation for TLS machine identities. The APIIDA Gateway Manager makes it possible to automate TLS machine identities across multiple API gateways, allowing organizations to scale API services safely and securely. APIIDA is based in Germany. 
  • Crypto4A, a leader in quantum-ready cybersecurity solutions, will use fund sponsorship to help organizations achieve the highest possible entropy and secure key storage and post-quantum ready PKI. Today, organizations are not prepared for a post-quantum world where cryptographic systems cannot be trusted, including machine identities. As a result of Development Fund sponsorship, Crypto4A’s quantum ready HSMs will support the Venafi platform, including central key generation with Advanced Key Protect. In addition, Venafi platform customers will be able to issue privately trusted digital certificates from a CA built-into Crypto4A HSMs. Crypto4A is based in Canada. 
  • Difenda, a global cybersecurity leader with experience helping companies manage risk and defend against cyber threats, is using fund sponsorship to develop a ServiceNow application for the Venafi platform. For enterprise users familiar with ServiceNow, the application will simplify the complete life cycle of machine identities with customizable request forms and orchestration workflows. Difenda’s ServiceNow solution will automate the entire process, from digital certificate requests to deployment, renewal and provisioning of critical applications, such as F5 BIG-IP and Microsoft IIS. Difenda is based in Canada. 
  • EDJ Enterprises, a leading developer of productivity solutions and PCI compliance tools for retail and grocery store environments, will use fund sponsorship to allow customers to automate the secure rotation of SSH keys for Toshiba 4690 controllers, which grant privileged access and remote administration, in point-of-sale (POS) systems. EDJ is the first Development Fund participant helping to secure SSH machine identities and is based in the United States. 
  • Nous Infosystems, a leading global IT services provider with a fast growing ServiceNow practice, will use fund sponsorship to expand on its existing ServiceNow integration. Nous will make it easy for application owners to self-service machine identities without extensive training or onboarding, enabling Venafi platform customers to accelerate their machine identity protection strategy. The Nous solution for ServiceNow has been certified by ServiceNow and is available through the ServiceNow Store. Nous is based in the United States. 

“Cyberattackers have moved beyond stealing human identities, like usernames and passwords, and are now targeting the identities of machines,” said Kevin Bocek, vice president of security strategy and threat intelligence for Venafi. “Venafi invented the technology that protects machine identities, and we’re recruiting developers worldwide to deliver machine identity protection across the entire enterprise. With the Development Fund, Venafi is accelerating the protection of all machine identities.”

To find out more about the Venafi Machine Identity Protection Development Fund and how you can become a funded developer, please visit:


Learn more about machine identity protection. Explore now.


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Eva Hanscom
Eva Hanscom

Eva is Public Relations Manager at Venafi. She is passionate about educating the global marketplace about infosec and machine-identity issues, and in 2018 grew Venafi's global coverage by 45%.

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