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Why I’m Excited about the New Technology Innovations in Venafi Trust Protection Platform

Why I’m Excited about the New Technology Innovations in Venafi Trust Protection Platform

Venafi trust protection platform
April 25, 2017 | Gina M. Osmond

I really enjoy working for a company who is pioneering the market for machine identity management and protection. That’s why I’m excited when we push that leadership position even further. With our latest release of Venafi Trust Protection Platform, we significantly expanded our ecosystem for protecting keys and certificates with several new strategic technology integrations and feature advancements. The result is the Venafi Technology Network partner program. 

Here’s why I’m excited about our new strategic integrations:

  • CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault: Seamlessly leverages passwords stored in CyberArk vaults for provisioning TLS/SSL keys and certificates on applications and systems.

    Why I’m excited about it: Privileged access control is a driving compliance challenge. With this new integration, organizations can better comply with governance standards, like NIST. Plus, they can reduce administrative costs by integrating with their existing privileged access management solution.
  • Advanced Cloud Instance Monitoring: Allows administrators to offload certificate lifecycle operations within cloud infrastructures by automatically revoking or disabling a certificate when its resource instance is retired.

    Why I’m excited about it: Managing short-lived cloud and containerized environments can be very challenging. New dynamic development and test environments, like DevOps, are being spun up and retired every minute. Can you imagine trying to keep track of every certificate being used every day in your organization? Venafi lowers management burden and security risks, while improving operational efficiencies with automated lifecycle controls.
  • Adaptable Log Event Integration: Allows security teams to include machine identity context into incident response solutions, like ITSM (ServiceNow) and SIEM (Splunk).

    Why I’m excited about it: Security teams know that security awareness across the entire network is the only way to stay ahead of cyber threats. Venafi enables security teams to incorporate machine identity anomalies as part of their overall incident response strategy—widening their visibility and control over their global extended enterprise.
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography Certificate (ECC) Support: Allows global organizations with large IoT infrastructures to deliver the special certificate support required for edge devices with smaller computational and storage level requirements.

    Why I’m excited about it: The industry regularly requires us to increase the minimum length required for RSA keys. Yet, key size has a significant impact on equipment performance. ECC certificates provide keys much shorter than RSA, but still offer equivalent security levels—they work more efficiently at the edge in smaller devices.

    Venafi incorporates ECC edge device certificates into its centralized management and orchestration model—enabling large IoT organizations to manage and protect machine identities to the very edge.

I am very pleased to be a part of these significant advances for machine identity management. The new Venafi Technology Network partner program and strategic integrations demonstrate Venafi’s continued commitment to leadership in innovation to better protect the Global 5000.

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About the author

Gina M. Osmond
Gina M. Osmond

Gina Osmond writes for Venafi's blog and is an expert in machine identity protection. She currently holds the position of Sr. Channel Sales Executive at DigiCert, Inc.

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