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Remediating Heartbleed Solution Brief

Remediating Heartbleed with Next-Generation Trust Protection



In response to the Heartbleed vulnerability, experts Bruce Schneier, Gartner, Akamai, and CloudFlare all agree that patching OpenSSL and rotating passwords is not enough. Enterprises must also assume their cryptographic keys and digital certificates have been compromised.

As a result, organizations MUST change ALL keys and certificates to complete remediation: rekey, reissue, and revoke. With Venafi Trust Protection Platform™ you can accelerate your required Heartbleed remediation efforts and significantly reduce time to completion and secure state.

The Venafi Trust Protection Platform delivers:

  • Vulnerability detection
    - Identification of Heartbleed for internal and external networks
    - Poor signing algorithms
    - Weak key strength
  • Automated bulk remediation
    - Creation of private keys
    - Certificate issuance and revocation
    - Secure distribution
  • Ongoing identification of vulnerable keys and certificates
    - Notifications of anomalies
    - Reporting on non-compliant keys and certificates
    - Immediate remediation

Learn more how you can leverage the Venafi Trust Protect platform with TrustAuthority™ and TrustForce™ to improve and accelerate your Heartbleed remediation activities in the solutions brief, Remediating Heartbleed with Next-Generation Trust Protection.

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