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Reduce the complexity of managing all types of machine identities across environments and teams.

Venafi Control Plane for Machine Identities

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Why do you need a Control Plane for Machine Identity Management?

Without visibility into all applications of your digital keys and certificates, ​how can you know for certain that your teams are complying with security protocols?​

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The Venafi Control Plane for Machine Identities

The Venafi Control Plane for Machine Identities provides a new approach that allows you to accelerate digital transformation, eliminate security incidents, and reduce revenue stream disruptions.

The Venafi Control Plane standardizes your enterprise’s machine identity management so you can stop outages, automate for efficiency, prevent misuse and compromise, and modernize with speed and agility.

Venafi Control Plane
Reference Architecture for Machine Identity Management

Fast application development has triggered an explosion of new machine identities. Without the right architecture, the headaches, costs and incidents connected with the cloud are sure to grow.

Read this reference architecture to learn why it’s critical to incorporate zero trust best practices for orchestrating machine identity management in data center, cloud and edge environments

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Stop Outages
Stop Outages

Eliminate outages to applications, services, and security infrastructure.

Automate Everywhere

Deliver the speed and efficiency that organizations require for digital transformation.

Prevent Misuse
Prevent Misuse and Compromise

Prevent malicious or unintended use of security controls and enforce required policies.

Modernize Speed and Agility
Modernize with Speed and Agility

Extend machine identity management from on-premises to the cloud and deliver faster, more secure cloud and DevOps capabilities.

How does the Venafi Control Plane work?

Venafi designed the Control Plane from the ground up to provide the highest levels of security. It equips your enterprise with the observability, consistency, reliability, and freedom of choice you need to manage all types of machine identities, no matter where they are used or located. But even better, it helps you ensure that no machine identities fall through the cracks to negatively impact your business.

What are customers saying about us?

This product was brought in by our company for teams to manage their own certificates, both internal and external, at scale. It helps them quickly generate the certificate for existing services and new services our teams are building. These help teams to renew certs on time and be compliant. Overall, very easy to use and maintain.

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Excellent experience! Their product is robust and the most interesting thing that calls my attention is how everything is well documented, I've never seen this before, everything you need you find there. Also it is important to note their customer focus during the support or sales phases, they are excellent in what they propose to do.

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Control Plane Modules

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