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Protect the Machine Identities Used in Online Banking Security

Safeguard Banking Certificates and Keys to Minimize Your Exposure to Attack

Stop Breaches with Stronger Key and Certificate Security

Venafi protects machine identities at 4 of the top 5 U.S. banks. The Venafi Platform automates online banking security for the keys and certificates that govern machine identities. Automation not only improves security, it radically reduces the amount of time required for management and administration.

Visibility and Control

Preserve Trust and Customer Confidence

Venafi gives banks the visibility and automation they need to rapidly respond to incidents caused by the misuse of keys and certificates. The Venafi Platform helps you control your banking certificate and keys, so you always know where they are located and how they are being used.

“We compared Venafi to our home-grown solution. Venafi provided better visibility and control of the certificate lifecycle.”

- Global 500 Banking Company (source: AE3-B72-817)


Stop Breaches with Stronger Key and Certificate Security
Machine Identities Are Critical to the Success of Online Banking

Securing an ever-increasing number of SSL banking certificates and their corresponding keys is a challenge for banks. Certificates reside on thousands of systems. And security risks are increasing as a result of constant attacks on keys and certificates. Venafi automates security so you can easily control the growing number of SSL certificates in your bank. Plus, you can identify any anomalous usage of certificates, and focus on more strategic projects without compromising process rigor.

Banks Rely on The Success of Keys and Certificates

To secure customer data and brand reputation, banks employ rigorous internet banking security processes. This includes tens of thousands of SSL/TLS encryption banking certificates used to guarantee privacy of data while in transit. This is especially important for securing online banking security and mobile applications that enable the transfer of funds across mobile phones.

Keys and Certificate Quickly Become Unmanageable

Many banks still rely on manual processes to secure every step of the certificate lifecycle. Manual process can be error prone and time consuming. Management alone can quickly consume hundreds of work per year. Even worse, manual processes give you limited visibility into your entire key and banking certificate population.

You Need Real-Time Visibility of All Keys and Certificates

One of the biggest risks to bank operations is the lack of online banking security and control over the banking certificate population once deployed within the bank. Without the proper visibility, you simply have no way of identifying out-of-band certificates or ensuring that banking certificates are in compliance with bank policies. If an attack hits, you have no practical way to quickly regenerate thousands of certificates.

Discover and Enforce Policies for All Keys and Certificates

Venafi helps you identify all keys and certificates in your network, including new or rogue certificates. This helps you identify vulnerabilities as well as risky attributes. You can then replace certificates that do not comply with bank policies for key length, hashing algorithm, validity periods, and other attributes with new, secure, and compliant certificates.

Access Reports for Remediation and Risk Assessment

Venafi helps you analyze certificates for policy compliance and risk assessment. Reports identify known vulnerabilities used by cybercriminals to exploit the trust organizations have in keys and certificates. You can then prioritize your remediation efforts and allocate resources where they can make the most impact.

Reduce Workload While Improving Internet Banking Security

Automating online banking security for keys and certificates can radically reduce the amount of time required for management and administration. You’ll save thousands of man hours, while virtually eliminating escalations. Plus, you’ll speed protection by issuing banking certificates in days instead of weeks. With less demand on staff, your bank can reduce costs for staffing as well as outside contractors.

Key Advantages

  • Identify all keys, certificates, CAs and trust stores
  • Continuously monitor keys and certificates for anomalies
  • Rapidly replace compromised keys and certificates
  • Enforce key and certificate policies to maintain security
  • Automate certificate requests and renewals
Take the First Step

Take the First Step

Keep your trusted reputation intact. Protect your bank’s keys and certificates against breach.

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