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Control SSH keys to minimize your risk exposure

Cybercriminals can misuse SSH keys to elevate their privileges in high-value machines. You need visibility into how SSH keys are used so that you can detect these threats and defend against them.

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How much do you know about your SSH keys?

SSH keys do not expire, creating a perpetual weakness if not proactively protected. Surprisingly, most companies change user passwords far more often than they change SSH keys. They rely on individual system administrators to police SSH key usage and enforce compliance to security policies. Many organizations don’t have access control systems in place that can identify, rotate and remediate vulnerable SSH keys.

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Keep your SSH keys out of the hands of hackers

By securing and controlling all of your SSH keys, you’ll minimize the risk of unauthorized privileged access to critical business applications and systems. This requires visibility of all your SSH keys as well as intelligence and automation that prevents the misuse of machine identities, and manages rotation and replacement when employees leave.

Protect privileged access to SSH key machine identities

The Venafi Platform allows you to continuously automate the entire SSH key life cycle from issuance to decommissioning. With complete, enterprise-wide visibility into SSH key machine identifies, you can map trust relationships between hosts and users. You’ll also have the intelligence you need to monitor and detect malicious behavior while enforcing security policies for SSH keys.

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