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Defend machine identities with strong website security certificates and keys

Venafi helps insurance companies improve operational efficiency for the keys and website security certificates that serve as machine identities. Securing the full certificate life cycle helps prevent compromised certificates from granting unauthorized access or triggering application outages.

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Are you protecting the trust that defines your brand?

Many insurance companies don’t know where all of the keys and certificates that serve as machine identities are installed or how they are being used. They don’t have inventory systems or centralized, secure key and certificate repositories. A number of organizations are still using manual methods, such as email and spreadsheets, to track keys and certificates. This approach increases manual errors, contributes to a lack of visibility, and makes it difficult or impossible to enforce policies.

What if you don’t protect all of your machine identities?

Even with other security controls in place, cybercriminals can compromise unprotected keys and certificates, allowing them to bypass these security controls via trust-based attacks. To keep your machine identities safe from compromise, you’ll need centralized visibility across your entire organization, as well as continuous intelligence and automation. Without these critical capabilities, you won’t be able to reduce machine identity security risks, and you may struggle with unplanned outages and long delays for certificate renewals.

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Rely on consistent, proactive security

You can reduce risk by ensuring strong machine identity protection. It’s the only way to confirm that you’re using up-to-date, strong cryptography—including attributes like key length, validity period and cryptographic hash type. Monitoring and reporting capabilities also provide visibility into the status of your machine identity security and compliance risks.

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Venafi protects machine identities at 5 of the top 5 U.S. health insurers

Venafi gives leading insurance companies the visibility, intelligence and automation they need to avoid attacks that leverage compromised certificates. The Venafi Platform empowers you to create a comprehensive inventory, secure a centralized repository, enforce consistent workflows, and automate processes to keep your business safe from cybercrimes and avoid application outages triggered by expired certificates.

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