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SSL/TLS Certificates

Do I Need an SSL Certificate?

SSL protection is essential to nearly every website, especially for companies who process transactions on their website, and certainly any that handle login credentials.The only effective way to safeguard the transmission of sensitive information is by encrypting the information with an SSL certificate. When customers come to your site and enter sensitive information (usernames, passwords, credit card information, social security numbers, and so forth), an SSL certificate protects that information.

To put it simply, all businesses that sell online or collect private information should be protected by an SSL certificate.

SSL Certificate Purpose

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is essentially a way to protect your private information online. When you use private information like credit cards, social security information, usernames, and passwords online, any computer between you and the destination server can potentially access that information. If you want to protect that information, an SSL certificate is used. When an SSL certificate is in place, communication between server and client is encrypted and thus unreadable to everyone except the intended recipient.

SSL certificates don’t just protect your credit card information when you shop online. They’re also used to protect information on email sites, web-based apps, and more.

Where Can I Purchase SSL Certificates?

An SSL certificate for a website can be purchased through a third-party web security company like Venafi. After you purchase your SSL Certificate you will have to activate it on your website. If you buy SSL certificates through Venafi, a representative can help you complete all the necessary steps to get your website fully protected.

When purchasing an SSL certificate for website use, Venafi can help you understand the different options available to you. Simply put, SSL certificates are the basis for HTTPS encryption, but they are a little more complex than that. Talking with an SSL specialist about the different SSL options available to you can help you make the safest decision for your company's website.

How Can I Tell if the Websites I Use Have SSL Certificates?

An easy way to tell if the website you use has SSL Certificate is by looking at the web address. If the beginning begins with “https://” the site has an SSL Certificate and your information is protected. Most major websites use SSL certificates as a form of protection, but before you give your private information to a company online, make sure to check that there is an SSL certificate in place.

On highly-secured browsers, the website bar turns green, and there is usually a padlock symbol (sometimes accompanied by the word “Secure”) next to the URL. This is a sure indication that the site you are on is secure and safe.

Venafi Can Help

No one wants their information leaked all over the internet. It leaves you open and vulnerable to all sorts of bad situations like stolen information and identity theft. The more you learn about SSL certificates, you are better prepared to make safe decisions regarding where you put your information online. As a business, you’re looking to earn the trust of your customers, and making their security one of your top priorities is an important part of that.

As you work to secure your website and keep online information private, you will find increased trust from your customers, and increased peace of mind. If you would like to purchase SSL certificates or have more questions about your website security, contact us today.

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