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Protect machine identities for retail and e-commerce

Protecting the keys and certificates that act as machine identities will help you keep transactions and remote access to point-of-sale devices and other systems and applications in your corporate offices and retail branches secure.

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Cybercriminals are targeting your keys and certificates

Keys and certificates help keep machine-to-machine communications, authentication and authorization secure. When they are left unprotected, cybercriminals can use machine identities to spoof websites, hide in encrypted traffic and steal customer data.

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Keep your SSH keys out of the hands of hackers

By securing and controlling all of your SSH keys, you’ll minimize the risk of unauthorized privileged access to critical business applications and systems. This requires visibility of all your SSH keys as well as intelligence and automation that prevents the misuse of machine identities, and manages rotation and replacement when employees leave.

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Compromised machine identities can impact your brand

The personal and financial data that retailers collect and store are prime targets for cybercriminals. Unprotected machine identities can allow cybercriminals to gain trusted status on your network and remain undetected while stealing sensitive customer, partner and company data.

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Protecting keys and certificates builds trust

Your customers must have confidence in the security and privacy of transactions and the confidentiality of their personal information. You need global visibility into machine identities to enforce security policies, identify misuse and automate remediation, securing public key infrastructure (PKI) keys and certificates for privacy and business availability.

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Venafi protects the machine identities of 4 out of 5 top U.S. retailers

Venafi helps retailers meet regulations and protect their brands with complete visibility into key and certificate inventory. The Venafi Platform helps automate machine identity protection to enforce policy and workflow practices for keys and certificates. You can also access global certificate reputation data to quickly identify certificate misuse, such as stolen certificates being used to spoof retail websites.

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