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Healthcare Personal Information Security

Protect Patient Data with Stronger Key and Certificate Security

Protect Patient Data with Stronger Key and Certificate Security

Venafi gives healthcare organizations a centralized repository, comprehensive visibility, and policy enforcement for all of their keys and certificates. Our platform help you better secure your keys and certificates against privacy breach and simplify ongoing monitoring and management.

Visibility and Control

Protect Patient Confidentiality

Healthcare organizations are concerned about the risk of privacy breach from compromised keys and certificates. To protect patient data, keep systems running, and comply with standards, you need to secure your keys and certificates.

The Venafi Platform helps keep your services secure and available. So you can access a complete key and certificate inventory, issue new keys and certificates where needed, and renew them before they expire.

“We use Venafi in order to improve our reputation as well as the services that we provide, both internally and with other departments.”

- Fortune 500 Health Care Company (source: TVID: CC9-BB3-7CA)

Protect Patient Data with Stronger Key and Certificate Personal Information Security
Keys and Certificates Can Impact Compliance

In the highly regulated health care industry, you must comply with numerous requirements, such as HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI DSS, and others. To remain secure and compliant, you need to be able to see your keys and certificates and remediate issues when required. Venafi gives you visibility into all of your keys and certificates. So you can easily enforce personal information security policies and streamline the compliance process.

Discover and Secure All Keys and Certificates

To comply with healthcare standards, you need to be sure that you are managing all of the keys and certificates in your IT environment, including those issued outside of your group. Venafi helps you locate keys and certificates from other parts of the network, pulling them into a single, centralized repository for better key and certificate security and visibility.

Use a Secure Baseline to Quickly Reveal Misuse

Venafi helps you establish an inclusive baseline of keys and certificates. With this baseline, you can consistently apply policies across all of your SSL/TLS keys and certificates. You can also create a reference point from which you can detect anomalous key and certificate use. This lets you identify and remediate the misuse of keys and certificates—whether from errors, policy violations, or malicious intent

React to Threats Faster with Automated Remediation

To prioritize remediation, Venafi lets you rank your complete inventory of vulnerable keys and certificates by level of risk. So you can remediate the most critical keys and certificates first. Venafi automates the entire process. So you can quickly and efficiently issue and deploy new keys and certificates and revoke and replace the old, vulnerable, or compromised ones.

Protect Your Keys and Certificates with Venafi

Venafi securely stores keys and certificates in a central, encrypted repository. Our platform also provides visibility into the strength of the cryptography used. With the better overall control you'll gain through enforcing policy and secure workflows, you can keep your keys and certificates protected and reduce risk of privacy breach.

Key Advantages

  • Identify all keys, certificates, CAs and trust stores
  • Continuously monitor keys and certificates for anomalies
  • Rapidly replace compromised keys and certificates
  • Enforce key and certificate policies to maintain security
  • Automate certificate requests and renewals
Take the First Step

Take the First Step

Keep your patient data confidential. Protect your keys and certificates against breach.

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