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SSH in the Cloud

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Digital Transformation and Unintended Consequences

The Secure Shell protocol (SSH) is an industry standard protocol that provides fast, passwordlessauthentication to developers, admins and architects who are working in cloud and DevOps environments. It should be no surprise, then, that for many organizations the number of SSHkeys, clients and hosts needing to be managed and secured has grown exponentially. 

Unfortunately, and unlike TLS certificates, SSH keys have no natural expiration. Once access is granted through SSH, that access may exist forever… even after developers or admins have moved on to other projects. InfoSec leaders need an enterprise-scale system that discovers SSH keys, host and clients.      

Making Proper Keys

Cloud and DevOps team members are making a lot of SSH key and connections. But they oftenhaven’t been taught how to make then safely and correctly. Misunderstanding configuration options can lead to increased attack surface. 

  • Are keys being created with the appropriate robustness and key length? 

  • Are keys being rotated on a regular basis? 

  • Are we removing defunct or orphan keys? 

  • Are we locking down high-risk options like port forwarding? 

  • Are we using source control to limit machines that can initiate SSH connections?  

Enterprise-wide machine identity management solutions ensure your keys are properly crated, tracked, and rotated. 

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