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Zero Trust in the Hybrid Cloud

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What Is Zero Trust? 

Zero Trust is a cybersecurity strategy that assumes three truths:  

  1. The “perimeter” is gone. The notion “trust what’s inside but defend against what’s outside” is dead.  

  1. “Default deny” is the standard response for all network connections. Each one needs to be authenticated and validated.  

  1. “Digital transformation” drives the need. As apps and services explode, security teams need automated ways to implement Zero Trust technologies in real time, as soon as new infrastructure is created.   

Why Is Machine Identity Management Critical to a  Successful  Zero Trust  Program?

Most Zero Trust efforts focus on  human identities  first, establishing  privileged access controls and multifactor user authentication. But as soon as these efforts  begin,  cybersecurity teams  realize  the vast majority  of  authentication events  are between machines and workloads. These can be  on-prem, in cloud  platforms  or  in  hybrid  models.    

The Bottom Line: Zero Trust Doesn’t Work Without  Machine Identity  Management

Machine  identity  management programs  provide  organizations with the  visibility, intelligence and automation  they need for  the  thousands of  TLS certificates, SSH keys, and  code-signing keys  used bin their  organization.  The bottom line: Zero Trust programs  will not  succeed  if they don’t synchronize with  an  organization’s  machine identity management program.   

Where Does Venafi Fit? 

Venafi has been named a “Zero Trust pillar” in Forrester’s most recent report, Now Tech: Zero Trust Solution Providers. Zero Trust pillar providers are “best-of-breed singular toolings” that solve pressing use cases for information security teams. Venafi is the only provider of machine identity management solutions identified by Forrester as a critical part of Zero Trust initiatives and strategies.      


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