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Blueprint for the Perfect Attack

How attackers are increasingly using keys and certificates to infiltrate organizational security and access data

Uncontrolled digital certificates and cryptographic keys are fast becoming one of the biggest security challenges for organizations. The original blueprint for today’s attacks can be tracked back to Stuxnet and Duqu attacks. The attacking architects understood that compromising a certificate would enable their attack to be trusted and that there was no awareness or ability to respond.

Cybercriminals understand this vulnerability and have turned keys and certificates into powerful weapons. In fact, some of the most high-profile cyber-attacks over the past few years have involved compromised keys and certificates.

Many organizations are unaware of how many certificates and keys they have, where they are on their networks or what policies govern them. As a result, attackers are finding an open door in security policies by using compromised or stolen certificates to authenticate and proliferate malicious attacks.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How attackers are exploiting keys and certificates
  • How widespread these attacks are and the potential financial impacts
  • How your organization’s security program could have an open door
  • What strategies can be used to mitigate risk

Whether they are stealing keys and certificates, inserting their own keys and certificates, or tampering with trust relationships, cybercriminals are walking through an open door and right into your company. Learn how to protect your data before it’s too late.

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