Forrester Webinar - Attacks On Trust: The Cybercriminal’s New Weapon – Venafi

Forrester Webinar—Attacks On Trust:
The Cybercriminal's New Weapon

Presenters: John Kindervag, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research and Jeff Hudson, Venafi CEO

Venafi, in collaboration with Forrester Research, Inc., presents the on-demand webinar—“Attacks On Trust: The Cybercriminal’s New Weapon”.

Due to the rise of cybercriminal attacks on cryptographic keys and digital certificates, more and more organizations are finding themselves vulnerable to data theft and IP loss. Hackers have learned how to access critical keys and certificates and exploit the trust they provide to infiltrate networks and systems. Current IT security solutions are unequipped to detect and remediate these types of costly assaults and, as a result, hackers are stealing or tampering with information from high-profile corporations and individuals alike.

Our presenters will guide you through both the risks and the solutions, explaining:

  • The rise of trust-based attacks
  • Reasons why keys and certificates are targeted as the weakest link in your defense
  • How current security measures are failing to protect organizations
  • Steps you should take to protect your valuable data

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