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Venafi Delivers 360° Machine Identity Intelligence

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​Machine identity intelligence proactively identifies key and certificate weaknesses and prioritizes security risks with a unique blend of global visibility, machine-learning analytics and dynamic risk scoring.

Comprehensive machine identity intelligence gives you the actionable data you need to prevent keys and certificates from triggering business application outages or being misused by cyber criminals. Learn more about how you can improve security and availability by proactively protecting machine identities across the extended enterprise.

Effective machine identity intelligence relies on visibility across the broadest possible set of data from machine identities—no matter where they reside. By using this intelligence to accurately assess risk, organizations can respond quickly and effectively to rogue or compromised machine identities.

Expand your intelligence with global visibility

Is your organization prepared to find and track all machine identities—regardless of where they are located? You’ll need visibility across internal and external infrastructures, the Internet, and virtual, cloud, and IoT infrastructures—and even out into trusted supplier and partner networks.

By discovering all machine identities and their characteristics, your organization can access the data they need to quickly identify changes to keys and certificates no matter where or when they occur. To help you gather the required levels of intelligence, Venafi maintains a dynamic global network of machine identities that provides organizations like yours:

  • 360° Visibility. Provides insight into all machine identities in the extended corporate network including mobile, cloud and IoT devices.
  • Continuous Discovery. Automates the real-time collection of machine identity data from multiple external sources, such as Google CT.
  • Risk Assessment. Identifies and prioritizes internal and external cryptographic weaknesses, vulnerabilities and poor configuration attributes before they can be exploited.
  • Real-time Analysis. Uses machine learning to analyze and correlate data on current known threats, attacks and weaknesses across all active machine identities.
  • Policy Enforcement. Defines policies and rules that automatically classify threats and responses based on your organization’s unique needs, operational environments and risk profiles.

Quantify your intelligence with risk and reputation scoring

Because the number and types of machines on enterprise networks is changing every microsecond, organizations must have an automated and efficient way to identify and quantify the risks connected with machine identities. This requires continuous measurements across multiple dimensions.

Venafi automatically assesses the reach and severity of your machine identity risks based on:

  • Machine Learning. Determines appropriate trust levels for machine identities by assessing reputation and risk across a dynamic global intelligence network of machine identities.
  • Multi-factor Risk Scores. Accesses composite risk scores based on multiple connected machine identity attributes, contexts, location and meta properties.
  • Predictive Analysis. Scores severity of risks based on the probability of exploitation and overall potential business impact.
  • Time-based Tracking. Baselines and compares risk scores over time to identify trends and track increases and decreases in risk.
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