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Venafi Cloud for DevOps

DevOps Integrations and Supporting Services

Get SSL/TLS Certificates and Never Leave Your Toolchain

To provide DevOps teams an easy, consistent way to get trusted SSL/TLS certificates, Venafi Cloud for DevOps comes with native DevOps tool integrations through REST APIs, SDKs, ACME services, and command line utilities. Our integrations with GlobalSign and DigiCert provide easy access to publicly-trusted certificates for DevOps use cases.

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Venafi Secrets Engine for HashiCorp Vault

The Venafi Secrets Engine for Vault implements a secrets engine for HashiCorp Vault. It enables developers to use native Vault commands for requesting both publicly-trusted and private CA certificates from Venafi Cloud, something not currently possible using HashiCorp Vault. This gives DevOps teams seamless access to certificates and ensures compliance with corporate security and audit policies.

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Venafi Monitor Engine for HashiCorp Vault

The Venafi Monitor Engine for Vault allows security teams to set up a role within Vault that enforces certificate security policy (e.g. no wildcards, hash algorithm, key length, domain names) seamlessly. This enables developers to use native Vault commands for requesting certificates as they normally would within Vault while fully complying with corporate security and audit policies.Certificates issued by Vault are visible in the Venafi Cloud user interface to enable security teams to view issued certificates.

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Venafi Provider for HashiCorp Terraform

The Venafi Provider for Terraform makes it fast and easy to accelerate continuous delivery and scale applications using HTTPS with policy-compliant certificates from leading certificate authorities. Developers can now obtain policy compliant certificates by executing Terraform plans while providing security teams with visibility.

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Kubernetes cert-manager by Jetstack

The Venafi Kubernetes integration works with the the popular cert-manager project from Jetstack. The cert-manager runs within its own container and automates the management of key and certificate life cycle for Kubernetes workloads and ingress controllers while Venafi Cloud provides a certificate authority (CA) independent interface, policy enforcement, and visibility.

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Venafi Ansible Role

Our integration implements an Ansible role that uses the Venafi VCert-Python library to simplify certificate enrollment and ensure compliance with enterprise security policies. This simplifies the procurement of certificates for Ansible administrators and developers by providing a certificate authority (CA) independent interface, enabling CA agility.

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Our lightweight pre-built containerized version of the VCert utility that makes it easy for developers to request certificates for use within containers. The container can be pulled from Docker Hub. E.g. “docker pull venaficloud/venafi-docker-key-management” Certificates are exposed to other containers running on the same Docker host as the Venafi container.

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GlobalSign solves the leading PKI challenges facing DevOps teams, allowing them to rely on proven, hosted PKI services instead of building CA infrastructure in-house, avoiding certificates all together, or using weak implementations that increase security risks. Our partnership enables you to request GlobalSign certificates using Venafi Cloud’s web interface, REST API, DevOps tools, and ACME server.

  • High speed issuance delivers certificates in seconds, including client certificates, code signing, certificates for containers, web servers, machines, and more
  • Free certificates available and option to add public trust
  • Standardize CA infrastructure across DevOps practices to meet compliance and reduce risks associated with poor PKI implementation and private key protection
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Venafi has a longstanding partnership with DigiCert, a premier high-assurance digital certificate provider. Our partnership enables you to request DigiCert certificates using Venafi Cloud’s web interface, REST API, DevOps tools, and ACME server.

  • Easily get and deploy production certificates
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ACME Service

If you’re familiar with Let’s Encrypt, then you know that ACME is a simple client/server protocol based on HTTP. Venafi Cloud for DevOps (Beta) includes an ACME service which can be used to automate certificate renewals using certificates from our integrated CAs, GlobalSign and DigiCert. Venafi Cloud for DevOps (Beta) represents the CA and ACME enables Venafi to verify that the applicant owns some number of domains, and then enables the applicant to request certificates for those domains.

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Microsoft Azure

Securing your infrastructure in Microsoft Azure just got easier. Available via our web interface and our REST API, our integration with Microsoft Azure:

  • Enables you obtain certificates from leading certificate authorities and deploy them directly to Azure Key Vault and Azure Web Apps
  • Makes it easy to secure Azure Web Apps with HTTPS
  • Automates the management of SSL/TLS certificates
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VCert SDK in Go, Python, Java

Venafi VCert SDK native language bindings abstract and simplify the Venafi Cloud REST API for certificate enrollment using Go, Python and Java. This can be easily included within DevOps applications where certificate enrollment and will enforce security and audit policies.

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Venafi VCert is a command line utility designed to generate keys and simplify certificate acquisition by eliminating the need to write code to interact with the Venafi REST API. VCert is available in 32 and 64 bit versions for Linux, Windows, and MacOS. This is offered as a single “golang” binary for Linux, Windows & OSX and can be easily included within DevOps tools or shell scripts, batch files, etc.

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The Venafi Cloud for DevOps (Beta) REST API provides access to the functionality that is available via the web user interface (UI).

Common use cases for the Venafi Cloud API include:

  • Interrogating your organization’s Venafi Cloud for DevOps account to understand what certificate issuance policies are enforced.
  • Requesting certificates from Venafi Cloud for DevOps for use by applications, such as HTTPS-enabled web servers.
  • Building custom reports, based on certificate data and summary information, to help track key and certificate management policy compliance.
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