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Venafi CodeSign Protect

Secure and Easy Code Signing Built for Enterprises

Supports Multiple Use Cases

From signing shell scripts and macros to embedded firmware, CodeSign Protect makes is easy for your developers to sign code while securing your software.

PowerShell Scripts
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Secure critical IT infrastructure by protecting code signing keys and processes that you use to sign PowerShell scripts. With CodeSign Protect, private keys never leave secured storage and you can implement approval workflows to ensure that only approved PowerShell script changes are signed. 

Internal Software Infrastructure
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Your business runs on critical software.  Protecting this infrastructure from unauthorized changes and employee downloads of unauthorized versions of software keeps your business running smoothly and malware free.  When used in conjunction with a whitelisting app like Microsoft’s AppLocker, CodeSign Protect helps you to control only the versions of software that you want employees to use. 

Packages and Containers
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Packages and containers are the new way to deploy software. Code signing them will add an extra level of protection against unauthorized changes.  CodeSign Protect automates the signing of packages and containers within your DevOps pipelines. 

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Software release cycles used to be measured in years, then quarters, then months.  With DevOps, it is not uncommon to have hundreds of software releases per day.  Traditional code signing processes do not scale for DevOps.  CodeSign Protect integrates directly into automated build pipelines. So, your security teams can specify policy while ensuring that DevOps teams have the speed of code signing they need. 

Externally Delivered Software
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Software is your product.  It’s your brand.  If malware gets inserted by a hacker, it is going to damage your brand.  It doesn’t matter if you’re signing Windows apps, Java apps, or mobile apps, it’s critical that you use CodeSign Protect to secure your code signing process.  

Firmware Signing
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Software is a crucial component to your manufactured products.  It is critical that this is protected with code signing. You can sign any type of firmware with CodeSign Protect.  Private keys never leave secured storage and with approval workflows, you can ensure that only approved changes are signed. 

Mobile App Signing
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Many of today’s applications involve multiple delivery platforms including mobile apps.  These apps need to be signed like any other software.  CodeSign Protect integrates with mobile apps platforms to automate the code signing process for developers while enforcing policies defined by your security teams. 

Stopping Ransomware
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The majority of ransomware is introduced into organizations through macros and scripts stored in office documents, like spreadsheets. Even though it is easy to configure office suite applications to require macros and scripts to be signed with a recognized code signing certificate in order to be executed, organizations rarely do this. These efforts are often limited by the complexity that script authors experience when they are required to sign macros and scripts.

CodeSign Protect provides the framework needed to make it trivial for macro/script authors/developers to easily and quickly code sign their macros without any of the messiness that is often associated with managing code signing keys and certificates.  


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