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Fast, Easy, Secure Code Signing for Enterprises

Software runs your business and represents your brand.  Protect your company’s software with a secure code signing process that is fast and easy for your developers to use. Venafi CodeSign Protect secures your code signing private keys, automates approval workflows, and maintains an irrefutable record of all code signing activities. 

DevOps and Digital Transformation Strain Code Signing Processes

Traditional code signing is no longer enough to protect your software. Cybercriminals are more creative than ever.  They will now try to steal your code signing credentials or attempt to modify your unprotected internal software infrastructure including critical IT shell scripts.  

CodeSign Protect Features:

Make it fast and easy to secure your code signing processes

Securely manage private keys

Private keys never leave a secure location

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Private keys never leave a secure location

Store all of your enterprise’s private keys in the secure Venafi platform 

  • Restrict access to authorized users and use cases 

  • Eliminate need for developers to store keys on local build machines 

  • Integrate with popular hardware security modules (HSM) 

Automation and enforcement

Enforce code signing processes across all development teams

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Enforce code signing processes across all development teams

Automate certificate lifecycles from issuance to revocation 

  • Drive code signing policies from within the security team 

  • Empower software managers to define code signing roles and approvers 

  • Automate policy enforcement 

Easy & Fast to Use for DevOps

Eliminate code signing burden from your development teams

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Eliminate code signing burden from your development teams

Easily integrate into build pipelines without slowing developers 

  • Provide code signing as a DevOps service 

  • Enable local, fast code signing , without changing build scripts 

  • Automate code signing requests, approvals, and lifecycle management 

Visibility and intelligence

Monitor and record all code signing activity

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Monitor and record all code signing activity

Maintain an irrefutable record of all code signing certificates used and all software signed 


  • Create an accurate inventory even for different development environments 

  • Gain visibility across all code signing projects within your enterprise 

  • Track certificates issued by internal and external certificate authorities 

  • Track private keys stored in multiple HSMs 

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Is your code signing process secure?

The vast majority of organizations do not have a secure code signing process. This means that private code signing keys are not securely managed. Plus, InfoSec teams don’t have visibility into all code signing activities so they can’t define and enforce code signing processes. This puts your organization at extreme risk. 

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Visibility, intelligence and automation for secure code signing

Venafi CodeSign Protect enables your organization to secure all code signing activities. You can securely manage all code signing private keys and automatically enforce fast, easy code signing processes for your development teams. It reduces the risk of your code signing credentials getting into the hands of cybercriminals. 

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