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Avoid shift left attacks with secure code signing operations

CodeSign Protect​

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Ensure that your customers trust the software you deliver.​

Protect your brand and the integrity of the software you use and develop with CodeSign Protect.​

By automating code signing workflows and ensuring your keys never leave secure, encrypted storage, CodeSign Protect helps you maintain visibility into your enterprise’s code signing operations without slowing down developers or incurring compliance fines.​

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Fast, easy code signing across your enterprise​

CodeSign Protect secures your code signing processes through centralized, secure key storage and role-based policy enforcement by delivering the observability, consistency, reliability, and freedom of choice you need to reduce burden on development teams and guard against unauthorized use of code signing certificates.​

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Maintain comprehensive visibility and detailed intelligence into code signing operations​

  • Continuously discover code signing certificates and keys across the enterprise.
  • Establish tailored approval and user workflows for your unique use cases.
  • Access records of all code signing activities to easily demonstrate compliance.

Define and enforce code signing policies

  • Easily set who approves requests, accesses certificates and keys and uses certain code signing tools.
  • Control core security requirements like approved certificate authorities (CAs), encryption strength and more. ​
  • Automate the entire code signing lifecycle, including issuance and revocation.

Track code signing activities with a fast, automated service that scales​

  • Work with multiple CAs, Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), development environments and toolsets.
  • Deploy across the enterprise, even the most segmented networks.
  • Work within a highly secure, highly available platform.

Work with CodeSign Protect in the way that works best for you

  • Reduce the burden on development teams by integrating with tools and processes they already use.
  • Securely store your private keys in Venafi’s trusted vault or a connected HSM.
  • Use any operating system or platform, GUI or API—the choice is yours!

Freedom of Choice

End-to-end CI/CD Protection.

It doesn't get easier than this.

What are customers saying about us?

Excellent experience! Their product is robust and the most interesting thing that calls my attention is how everything is well documented, I've never seen this before, everything you need you find there. Also it is important to note their customer focus during the support or sales phases, they are excellent in what they propose to do.

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CodeSign Protect | Frequently Asked Questions​

How does CodeSign Protect help speed up innovation in my enterprise?

CodeSign Protect makes it fast and easy to complete code signing operations. Developers can continue to use the same tools, and certificate management is automatically handled. Plus, you don't need to upload large applications to a central server, as all code signing occurs locally on build machines.

How does CodeSign Protect secure my private keys?

Your keys never leave secured encrypted storage, even during a code signing operation.

Can CodeSign Protect enforce my organization's code signing policies?

Within CodeSign Protect, InfoSec teams can easily define corporate code signing encryption and certificate policy for the entire organization.

Does CodeSign Protect automate code signing workflows?

Yes, CodeSign Protect plugs directly into native code signing tools and automates code signing services, eliminating the hassle and overhead of personally managing and requesting certificates.

Does CodeSign Protect provide an audit trail for compliance​?

Yes, CodeSign Protect provides an irrefutable record of all code signing activity, and that information is readily available for InfoSec and compliance teams.

Who is Venafi?

Venafi is the leader in machine identity management. We established the category, and some of the largest companies in the world rely on us to secure cryptographic keys and certificates and ensure safe machine-to-machine communications.

What is the Venafi Control Plane for Machine Identities?

The Venafi Control Plane is a distributed architecture that helps standardize your enterprise's machine identity management across infrastructures and allows you to accelerate digital transformation, eliminate security incidents and reduce revenue stream disruptions caused by machine identity failures.

Why did Venafi develop the Control Plane for Machine Identities?

Scattered, disparate use of machine identities across the data center, cloud, and multi cloud have made it difficult for enterprises to accurately measure their machine identity risk levels. Manual approaches to management are no longer feasible, and enterprises need a new way to control these unprecedented levels of complexity. Venafi created the Control Plane for Machine Identities to provide the highest levels of security and ensure no machine identities fall through the cracks—or between the lines of an outdated spreadsheet or siloed management system.

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Secure your code signing operations without holding back your developers.​

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