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Securely manage TLS, mTLS and SPIFFE machine identity activity in Kubernetes clusters

Venafi Jetstack Secure

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Simplify Kubernetes Machine Identity Management​

Venafi Jetstack Secure helps you to easily and reliably manage your machine identity management infrastructure in complex multicloud and multicluster cloud native environments.​

It provides your organization with discovery, observability, control and consistency of cloud native machine identities, improving application reliability while reducing DevOps costs.​

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Reliable, scalable, flexible machine identity management for your Kubernetes workloads

Jetstack Secure provides complete automation, discovery, and control of machine identities across all your organization’s Kubernetes environments.

It not only helps you manage cloud native machine identities, but also monitors the health, status and configuration of cert-manager across all Kubernetes clusters, regardless of cloud platform configuration used.

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Monitor health and status of security infrastructure 

  • Discover SPIFFE, SVID, mTLS and TLS certificates, including those not issued by cert-manager.
  • Observe the health of cert-manager across all Kubernetes clusters.
  • Report on policy violations, misconfigurations and non-compliance.

Jetstack Secure Observability
Define standardized policies and cert-manager configurations

  • Support pod-to-pod and service mesh configurations.
  • Ensure simplified policy control for all TLS, mTLS and SPIFFE VID certificates.
  • Rest easy knowing that cert-manager is configured correctly across all clusters.

Jetstack Secure Consistency
Maintain high performance with scalability and enterprise-hardened security  

  • Scale depending on your needs across multi, hybrid and private clouds.
  • Gain access to long-term commercial support for cert-manager and its components.
  • Know you’re secure with FIPS 140-2 compliant builds of cert-manager, as well as signed, scanned builds.

Jetstack Secure Reliability
Work with Jetstack Secure in the way that works best for you

  • Work with any number of cloud platforms, including multi-public, hybrid and public clouds across your enterprise.
  • Use with a variety of Cloud and DevOps tools including secrets managers, CI/CD tools and CAs.
  • Tap into an unrivaled partner Ecosystem for seamless integrations with current toolsets.

Jetstack Secure Freedom

Cover every cluster with ease and efficiency.

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Jetstack Secure | Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jetstack Secure provide visibility into all Kubernetes workloads?

Venafi Jetstack Secure discovers all machine identities used within Kubernetes and reports on machine identity management infrastructure health, compliance and configuration across multiple clusters, independent of cloud platform provider used.

Does Jetstack Secure support multiple distributions of Kubernetes?

Yes, it supports major distributions including Red Hat OpenShift, VMWare Tanzu, Amazon EKS and Google GKE

Does Jetstack Secure cover multiple Kubernetes clusters?

Yes, Jetstack Secure helps enterprise-wide Kubernetes teams easily and reliably manage their infrastructure in complex multi cloud and multi cluster environments.

How does Jetstack Secure automate my enterprise's machine identity management?

Jetstack Secure is built on cert-manager, the leading open-source machine identity management and automation software for Kubernetes and OpenShift cloud native platforms. This platform automates the issuance and renewal of your certificates and alerts you to any misconfigurations.

Does Jetstack Secure help define and enforce identity policy across the enterprise?

Jestack Secure makes it easy for enterprise teams to enforce policies across Kubernetes workloads, including certificate validity checks.

How secure is cert-manager?

While some use of open-source software can be problematic for enterprises, Jetstack Secure includes a Venafi-built, signed version of cert-manager.

Who is Venafi?

Venafi is the leader in machine identity management. We established the category, and some of the largest companies in the world rely on us to secure cryptographic keys and certificates and ensure safe machine-to-machine communications.

Why did Venafi create the Control Plane for Machine Identities?

Scattered, disparate uses of machine identities across the data center, cloud and multi cloud have made it difficult for enterprises to accurately measure their machine identity risk levels. Manual approaches to management are no longer feasible, and enterprises need a new way to control these unprecedented levels of complexity. Venafi created the Control Plane for Machine Identities to provide the highest levels of security and ensure no machine identities fall through the cracks—or between the lines of an outdated spreadsheet or siloed management system.

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Manage your cloud native machine identities across every workload.

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