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Jetstack Secure

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Cloud native machine identity security with automated PKI so workloads deploy fast and secure

Jetstack Secure provides vital visibility and control of X.509 certificates and their configuration status across Kubernetes and OpenShift clusters.

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Automate security best practices and improve the developer experience

Cloud native machine identity automation gives developers a high-grade consistent deployment process with built-in workload security.

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Eliminate security incidents from misconfigured certificates

As clusters grow, Jetstack Secure will detect and alert any instance of a poorly implemented certificate configuration so platform teams can take action and remediate immediately.

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Protect Ingress endpoints

With Jetstack Secure, you can proactively monitor Ingress inside the cluster and mitigate threats that specifically target vulnerabilities from web-facing workloads.

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Enforce full pod-level security across the service mesh

Control workload security across the service mesh using your existing enterprise PKI. Jetstack Secure helps you enforce a verified chain of trust across the entire infrastructure.

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Built with cert-manager

Jetstack is the original creator of cert-manager, the leading open source machine identity management and automation software for Kubernetes and OpenShift cloud native platforms.

Many Venafi customers that are extending their infrastructure with Kubernetes and OpenShift are operationalizing cert-manager across multiple clusters where the scale of certificates is growing fast.

Jetstack Secure gives security teams the control to enforce workload security where certificate requests are automated alongside effective PKI controls to ensure a validated and auditable chain of trust exists for every workload deployed to a Kubernetes cluster.

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Advanced policy control and visibility for cloud native machine identities using Venafi Trust Protection Platform

Jetstack Secure extends Venafi Trust Protection Platform (TPP) to give InfoSec teams in-depth visibility of certificate configurations in Kubernetes clusters. The integrated solution applies the same policy-driven security controls across both modern Kubernetes and traditional infrastructure.

  • Provides vital visibility of X.509 machine identities and their configuration status across Kubernetes/OpenShift clusters
  • Enforces InfoSec policy without slowing developer teams who are deploying workloads on ever faster release cycles
  • Hardens the enterprise security posture to identify and mitigate threats that specifically target vulnerabilities in cloud native environment

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