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Prevent misuse and compromise with fully managed SSH keys

SSH Protect

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Don’t let your SSH keys become a security liability.​

Ineffective tracking of SSH machine identities leads to key sprawl, lost keys, missing security controls and slow incident response—all increasing the risk of unauthorized access to your mission-critical systems.​

SSH Protect from Venafi can help you track and organize the vast number of SSH keys used in your organization, ensuring none of them are left exposed for adversaries to use and exploit.​

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Manage the complete SSH machine identity lifecycle, from key generation to rotation.

SSH Protect is a machine identity management solution that discovers SSH host and authorized keys throughout your organization and maintains an up-to-date, actionable inventory. You can easily see which keys are being used where, who’s using them and—since they never expire—determine when to rotate them.

This comprehensive solution allows you to update thousands, or even millions, of keys all at once, making quick work of large-scale, batch remediation and replacement.

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Discover, inventory and map all SSH key pairs in your organization

  • Establish a clear overview of keys and their trusted relationships, including users, hosts and configuration options.
  • Log when any keys are used, the time used and who used them.
  • Take advantage of flexible reporting capabilities for simplified auditing workflows.

Define SSH use policies and coordinate the full SSH lifecycle

  • Map policy violations to NIST 800-53 with ease.
  • Automate the full SSH machine identity lifecycle to maintain InfoSec oversight and control.
  • Complete audits on time and on budget to eliminate potential fines.

Prevent unauthorized access with a fast, automated service that scales to control millions of SSH keys

  • Mitigate high-priority threat exposure by quickly updating keys in bulk.
  • Generate and rotate SSH keys with a single click.
  • Work within a highly secure, highly available platform.

Work with SSH Protect in the way that works best for you

  • Quickly and easily adopt SSH keys and certificates through integrations with multiple configuration solutions: SIEM, Cyberark, Terraform, Ansible, etc.
  • Transition to SSH certificates with the built-in Venafi CA or multiple CAs of your choice with defined issuance restrictions.
  • Use your operating system of choice to take advantage of software development kits (SDKs) for Go, Python and Java.

Freedom of Choice

Don't let weak SSH key management leave you at risk.

Deter unintended access with SSH Protect.

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Secure all SSH machine identities and the host-to-host connections they enable

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