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Venafi TrustAuthority™

Continuously Monitors All Keys and Certificates

Venafi TrustAuthority™

Get the visibility and control you need to safeguard keys and certificates that should be trusted, and fix or block those that should not.

Visibility and Control

Uncover Vulnerabilities, Enforce Policies, and Detect Misuse

Discover and protect all keys and certificates across your network and into the cloud. TrustAuthority identifies all SSL, TLS, SSH, mobile, WiFi, and VPN keys and certificates, including those issued by virtually any Certificate Authority (CA).

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“Venafi has significantly reduced our certificate-related outages and determined root cause analysis of certificate-related issues.”

- The Progressive Corporation

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How It Works

TrustAuthority discovers the configuration, location, and use of every key and certificate, so you can continuously monitor their status to identify vulnerabilities, enforce policies, and detect anomalies. With this improved enterprise-wide visibility of your keys and certificates, you can ensure that your encryption environment is fully secure and reduce the risk of certificate-related compromises and unplanned outages.

Why It’s Vital

Most enterprises do not effectively manage or secure their keys and certificates with certificate monitoring tools. In fact, you may be surprised to learn how many keys and certificates you have, where they are located, who owns them, or how they are used. Yet the inability to control and account for all these critical assets can leave you vulnerable to application outages and security compromises. Bad guys can misuse unknown keys and certificates to hide in encrypted traffic, spoof websites, deploy malware, and steal data.

Venafi is committed to helping you gain insight into your entire key and certificate inventory and enforce policies so you can reduce risk. With an accurate inventory, you can quickly identify vulnerabilities, establish a baseline, and begin issuing, managing, and renewing keys and certificates based on secure policies with certificate monitoring tools.

What’s in It for You

Improved Visibility

  • Quickly create an accurate inventory with agentless scanning
  • Add certificates stored in file systems and keystores across the enterprise
  • Discover all SSL, TLS, mobile and user certificates, as well as your SSH certificate authority
  • Scan local systems to retrieve certificates in file systems and keystores
  • Map SSH private keys in your ssh certificate authority to users and hosts via a TrustMap with certificate monitoring tools
  • Automatically connect to any CA to import any certificates not in the inventory

Wider Control

  • Enforce enterprise-wide key and certificate security policies with a proven enterprise framework
  • Empower system and network administrators to easily manage keys and certificates for their domains without being security experts
  • Create policies using attributes such as key length, validity period, and cryptographic hash type
  • Integrate with third-party workflow systems through our REST APIs and configurable workflows
  • Enforce mobile certificate compliance by integrating with leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions

Automated Distribution

  • Quickly issue new certificates through an easy-to-use, web-based, self-service portal
  • Speed security for DevOps by automating the provisioning process with popular DevOps frameworks
  • Automate certificate requests and renewals to ensure compliance, eliminate guesswork, and prevent manual errors

Continuous Monitoring

  • Schedule regular scans to detect anomalous use of keys and certificates
  • Receive automatic notifications if a rogue key or certificate is discovered
  • Validate that all monitored keys and certificates are properly installed and configured
  • Alert administrators to important events such as impending certificate expirations

Case study

Lowering Business Risk with Trusted Keys and Certificates at a Leading Energy Company

Before Venafi: Manual management of known certificates; increased reliance on PKI—SSL/TLS, mobile devices, and multi-factor authentication; no visibility into root cause of outages.

After Venafi: Discovered over 2,500 keys and certificates, repaired undetected vulnerabilities; enabled “push-button” remediation; established charge-back revenue model for ops team.


Key Advantages

  • Gain visibility into and fix critical vulnerabilities
  • Detect anomalies through continuous monitoring
  • Reduce organizational incidents and attack surface
  • Achieve compliance and audit success
  • Integrate with multiple analytics and SIEM systems
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Take the First Step

Discover unknown keys and certificates and protect them immediately.

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