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Venafi TrustForce™ | SSL and SSH Certificate Automation

Orchestration, Governance, Remediation and Validation for Machine Identities

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​Most enterprises are not prepared to act quickly when they discover vulnerable or compromised keys and certificates that could impact machine identities. Manual replacement processes have proven much too difficult to remediate large numbers of keys and certificates. This makes it almost impossible to verify that all keys and certificates are discovered, secure and aligned with security policies.
Scalability and Speed

Accelerate Protection with Automated Remediation and Verification

Orchestrate your PKI infrastructure to ensure that your keys and certificates are always valid, trusted and compliant. Automatically update and replace vulnerable weak or fraudulent keys and certificates to avoid the impact of machine identity exploits or unplanned certificate outages.

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“Venafi has enabled us to automate the management of SSL expirations, while providing us the enhancement of being able to provision directly to many devices.”

- Global 500 Pharmaceuticals Company (source: TVID: 7B3-385-FE4)

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Venafi Trustforce

By automating workflows and policies that govern machine identities, TrustForce orchestrates every phase of the machine identity lifecycle, as well as governance and compliance, with all policy mandates. TrustForce helps to ensure the secure trust protection of your key and certificate inventories by orchestrating rapid, corrective actions at machine speed and scale in an automated fashion.

Plus, TLS and SSL certificate verification helps ensure security and availability by validating that updated or new certificates have been properly installed and use strong ciphers, hash algorithms, key strength or protocols.

Key advantages

  • Enforce enterprise certificate whitelists
  • Secure privileged SSH access
  • Automatically respond to suspicious anomalies
  • Manage enterprise-wide machine identities at scale
  • Respond quickly to CA compromises
  • Prevent certificates signed by untrusted CAs
How it works

As a key component of the Venafi Platform, TrustForce uses lightweight agent and agentless technologies to automate complex activities related to your evolving key and certificate environment. This enables you to quickly distribute new keys or fix keys or certificates that don’t meet established security policies. Additionally, in the event of a CA breach or error that impacts business applications, you can automatically remediate thousands of keys and certificates without worrying about error-prone manual processes.

What’s in It for You

Orchestrate machine identities

  • Break the kill chain by automatically correcting vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, CA errors and other common machine identity weaknesses
  • Manage the entire certificate lifecycle across multiple internal and external certificate authorities
  • Automatically find, revoke, or change and re-validate rogue or compromised machine identities across the global extended enterprise and the internet
  • Automate routine maintenance tasks such as certificate replacement and key rotation to prevent outages, save time and reduce the risk of human error
  • Automate provisioning for encryption-dependent enterprise applications

Enforce Governance

  • Apply pre-defined security policies to continually validate key or certificate trustworthiness and trigger appropriate responses for anomalous behavior
  • Calibrate rule-based access controls to allow or block full or limited access between machines based on identity characteristics and risk scores
  • Define automated workflows, provisioning and change management controls to enable machine identity compliance with security and operational policies
  • Ensure that only policy-compliant machine identities can authenticate with each other

Automate Remediation and Verification

  • Automate remediation to reverse or prevent data theft, business interruption, or the brand damage caused by the exploit of compromised machine identities
  • Enable bulk remediation to quickly respond to a CA compromise or inadvertent error, or to change, remove, replace or consolidate CAs
  • Verify that all manual or automated remediation actions have been successfully completed according to specified security policies

Delivering Speed and Efficiency via Visibility and Automation for Surescripts
Case study

Delivering Speed and Efficiency via Visibility and Automation for Surescripts

Before Venafi: Unconstrained certificate growth - SSL/TLS, SSH, and mobile; error-prone, manual certificate issuance processes; multivendor PKI.

After Venafi: Automated, scalable self-service certificate portal; 20% reduction in FTE costs; rapid certificate deployment - under three weeks; open API for medical-grade compliance

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