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Venafi TrustForce™ | SSL and SSH Certificate Automation

Automates the Remediation of Vulnerable Keys and Certificates

Venafi TrustForce™

Automatically replace vulnerable keys and certificates to avoid the impact of outages or vulnerabilities. TrustForce detects and reports anomalies, enforces security policies, and automatically remediates key and certificate vulnerabilities.

Scalability and Speed

Speed Protection and Scale to Support Rapid Growth

TrustForce helps you securely scale your cryptographic resources to meet elastic demands for DevOps or Fast IT environments. Plus, it works well with your existing infrastructure with strategic integrations into multiple analytics and SIEM systems.

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“Venafi has enabled us to automate the management of SSL expirations, while providing us the enhancement of being able to provision directly to many devices.”

- Global 500 Pharmaceuticals Company (source: TVID: 7B3-385-FE4)

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How It Works

TrustForce uses lightweight agent and agentless technologies to automate complex activities related to your ever-changing key and certificate environment, including automatic rekeying and recertification across the enterprise for secure trust protection. This enables you to quickly distribute new keys or fix keys or certificates that don’t meet established security policies. Also, in the event of a CA breach, you can automatically remediate thousands of keys and certificates without worrying about error-prone manual processes that are not only slow but often introduce vulnerabilities.

Why It’s Vital

Most enterprises are not prepared to act quickly when they discover vulnerable keys and certificates. Manual processes have proven much too difficult to remediate large numbers of keys and certificates and almost impossible to ensure that all are secure and aligned with your security policies. TrustForce empowers you to automatically respond to and remediate key and certificate vulnerabilities. So you can greatly reduce your exposure by making certain that errors and oversights don’t become new vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

What’s in It for You

Securely Scale Encryption

  • Fully automate control and protection of keys and certificates
  • Safely and easily scale encryption of new applications with rapid deployment
  • Eliminate vulnerabilities that can arise from error-prone manual processes
  • Avoid policy breaches by eliminating accidentally-deleted certificates, copied keys, or modified configuration files

Enforce Whitelists

  • Prevent attacks that leverage vulnerable certificates from rogue or blacklisted CAs, or things like openssl vulnerability.
  • Quickly migrate all certificates from a hacked or vulnerable CA to an alternate one
  • Approve whitelisted certificates in trust stores, while excluding blacklisted ones
  • View and analyze SSH key usage before whitelisting or blacklisting
  • Automatically block and delete blacklisted SSH keys

Automate Remediation

  • Automatically respond to and remediate vulnerabilities to prevent attacks
  • Automate provisioning for hundreds of encryption-dependent enterprise applications
  • Automate time-intensive, error-prone processes like key generation and distribution
  • Save time on certificate signing request (CSR) generation and submission
  • Speed certificate retrieval, installation and renewal, and private key backup
  • Reduce application downtime by ensuring certificates are secure and up to date

Delivering Speed and Efficiency via Visibility and Automation for Surescripts
Case study

Delivering Speed and Efficiency via Visibility and Automation for Surescripts

Before Venafi: Unconstrained certificate growth - SSL/TLS, SSH, and mobile; error-prone, manual certificate issuance processes; multivendor PKI.

After Venafi: Automated, scalable self-service certificate portal; 20% reduction in FTE costs; rapid certificate deployment - under three weeks; open API for medical-grade compliance


Key Advantages

  • Stop certificates signed by untrusted CAs
  • Enforce enterprise certificate whitelists
  • Secure privileged SSH access
  • Automatically respond to suspicious anomalies
  • Scale quickly and securely
Take the First Step

Take the First Step

Remediate vulnerable keys and certificates to protect them immediately.

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