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Venafi Trust Protection Platform™ | TLS Encryption

Secures SSL/TLS, SSH and Enterprise Mobility Keys and Certificates

Venafi Trust Protection Platform™

Visibility and Control

Secure Trust. Limit Exposure. Respond Quickly.

Your organization depends on keys and certificates for secure communications, commerce, computing, and mobility. This very trust makes your keys and certificates a prime target for cybercriminals, who use them to bypass traditional security controls.

The Venafi Trust Protection Platform secures and protects your keys and certificates so they can’t be used by the bad guys to hide in encrypted traffic, spoof websites, deploy malware, and steal data. Plus, we’ll help you avoid costly certificate-related outages.

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"Venafi has significantly reduced our certificate-related outages and determined root cause analysis of certificate-related issues.”

- The Progressive Corporation

Gain Visibility and Control Over Your Keys and Certificates

The Trust Protection Platform protects multiple types of keys and certificates from multiple CAs—whether they are installed on mobile devices, desktops, and application servers. You gain complete visibility into your key and certificate inventory. You then have what it takes to establish a baseline of normal usage, enforce security policies, and respond quickly to remediate key and certificate anomalies.

Automate Protection Across Your Extended Enterprise

The Trust Protection Platform offers open APIs and customizable drivers to integrate quickly and easily with any application and network device that across the enterprise and out to the cloud. Automating the issuance and renewal process and enforcing policies and workflows simplifies protection across your entire encryption environment.

Create an Ever-Evolving Intelligent Response

Venafi protects Machine Identities, constantly assessing which keys and certificates are trusted, protecting those that should be trusted, and fixing or blocking those that are not. The platform gives you the visibility, threat intelligence, private key protection, and policy enforcement you need to block compromises as well as preventing certificate-related outages.

Improve Your Threat Intelligence

Control all of your keys and certificates so that you can easily identify any security gaps that you need to close. You can then discover keys that use weak encryption and uncover rogue keys that an attacker may be using to disguise malicious actions on your network.

Reduce Your Organizational Risk

Increase your visibility into key and certificate inventories so you can reduce attack surfaces. You can then reduce risk by regaining control over certificates used for privileged access. Plus, you can enforce policies to ensure that all keys and certificates comply with your secure standards.

Rapidly Recover from a Compromise

Limit your exposure to a breach by responding quickly with fully automated process for key rotation and configuration restoration of TLS encryption. By monitoring authorized key files in real time, you can automatically remediate any unauthorized configuration changes.

Streamline Your Compliance and Audits

Easily comply with standards like PCI-DSS, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, by applying secure key management processes, strict separation of duties, and dual control policies. You can also log and report on all key and certificate events.

Coordinate Security for All Keys and Certificates

The Trust Protection Platform enables enterprises to automate the protection and management of all the keys and certificates efficiently and effectively with a single solution to meet compliance requirements and audit-readiness. The Trust Protection Platform gives you the visibility and control of Venafi TrustAuthority™, the automated remediation of Venafi TrustForce™,and the global certificate reputation of Venafi TrustNet™

Key Advantages

  • Identify all keys, certificates, CAs and trust stores
  • Continuously monitor keys and certificates for anomalies
  • Rapidly replace compromised keys and certificates
  • Enforce key and certificate policies to maintain security
  • Automate certificate requests and renewals
  • Provides unparalleled private key protection
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