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The Venafi Platform Provides Secure Trust Protection for SSH, SSL and TLS Encryption

Machine Identity Protection Prevents Certificate Outages and Unauthorized Access

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​Over half of enterprises track keys and certificates manually, and another quarter use homegrown solutions. These methods don’t scale because they do not provide the automation and remediation capabilities needed to secure the scale and velocity of growth in today’s machine identities.
Visibility and Control

Secure Trust Protection for Machine Identities

The Venafi Platform automates protection for the millions of keys and certificates that organizations rely on to determine their machine identities. Protecting these machine identities across websites, virtual machines, mobile devices, applications and the cloud infrastructure prevents compromised keys and certificates from granting unauthorized access or triggering application outages.

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"Venafi has significantly reduced our certificate-related outages and determined root cause analysis of certificate-related issues.”

- The Progressive Corporation

Automate Protection Across Your Global Extended Enterprise

Venafi automates protection for machine identities, which all organizations rely on to keep communications between machines secure and private. Venafi generates the machine identity intelligence necessary to automatically safeguard the flow of information to trusted machines and prevent communication with untrusted ones—all at machine speed and scale.

The Venafi Platform secures communication and authentication across all machine identity types, including SSL/TLS, SSH, IoT and mobile.

Key Advantages
  • Continuously discover all keys, certificates and CAs
  • Constantly monitor keys and certificates for weaknesses and anomalies
  • Automate the rapid replacement of compromised keys and certificates
  • Enforce key and certificate policies to strengthen security
  • Automate certificate requests and renewals
Get Instant Access to Machine Identity Intelligence

The Venafi Platform combats security and availability risks by providing global intelligence and visibility into all aspects of machine identities across the global extended enterprise. This visibility enables prioritized risk and reputation scoring, delivering an automated way to identify and correct machine identities at greatest risk.

  • Discovery & Monitoring
    The Venafi Platform enables you to rapidly find, continually monitor and enforce security policies for all SSL/TLS keys and certificates and SSH keys, as well as mobile, WiFi and VPN certificates. Visibility for TLS encryption and private key protection extends to internal and external certificates from all Certificate Authorities (CA).
  • Certificate Reputation
    The Venafi global reputation service helps you identify rogue certificate usage across the Internet. This secure trust protection then flags certificates that could be used to spoof or impersonate websites of reputable businesses no matter where they appear on the Internet.
Accelerate Protection with Intelligent Action

Venafi puts machine identity intelligence into action by automating workflows and policies that govern keys and certificates. Orchestration allows you to automate the entire machine identity lifecycle and automatically responds to the evolving threat landscape.

  • Policy & Provisioning
    Reduce time to value for certificate provisioning and policy enforcement with out-of-the-box technology integrations and policy templates. Certificate risk assessments allow you to be proactive in the identification of your organization’s security risk posture and helps to prioritize remediation.
  • Automation & Remediation
    Automation improves security by replacing certificates in seconds or remediating thousands of certificates in just hours in the event of a CA compromise or newly identified weaknesses. Additionally, you can also deploy encryption-dependent applications quickly by automating and validating the entire certificate issuance and renewal process.
Partner Integration

With hundreds of native third-party applications and Certificate Authority (CA) out-of-the-box integrations, organizations can fully automate the lifecycle of all keys and certificates within their global extended network. This improves operational efficiencies, availability and reliability of critical infrastructure, and reduces labor costs.

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