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[September 15, 2022] Maximizing Zero Trust When Migrating Legacy Apps to Kubernetes

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[September 15, 2022] Maximizing Zero Trust When Migrating Legacy Apps to Kubernetes

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Organizations are migrating legacy applications to modern cloud infrastructure faster than ever before.  And, while cloud infrastructure may be cheaper, more easily managed, and enable more organizational agility, there are still inherent security risks to hosting applications in the cloud. That’s why adopting zero trust principles is paramount for securing your cloud native architecture.

In this session, cloud security experts discuss key elements of cloud native technology, including trust stores, keystores, service meshes, and certificate managers, which are all critical to a zero trust strategy. They use real-world examples of migrating an on-prem/legacy datacenter application to a modern architecture deployed in a cloud native environment—all while maintaining zero trust principles.

We’ll cover:

  • Application architectural shifts when migrating from legacy to cloud native
  • Managing the lifecycle of machine identities in Kubernetes
  • Securing Kubernetes ingresses
  • Enabling Mutual Trust (mTLS) in Kubernetes
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