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Simplify Encryption for Mobile Devices

Streamline the Distribution and Management of Mobile Certificates

Simplify Encryption for Mobile Devices

Venafi helps you cost-effectively deploy mobile certificates across your user base. Our security platform makes it easy to issue, manage, audit, and terminate digital certificates used for EMM/MDM, WiFi, and VPN access.

Visibility and Control

Close Gaps in Mobile Certificate Management

Digital certificates provide a higher level of authentication for end users. But distributing certificates to a growing number of MDM/EMM systems, devices, and applications can increase costs and introduce new security risks.

The Venafi Platform helps you confidently issue and distribute mobile certificates. Our centralized approach delivers visibility and policy enforcement, as well as the control you need to terminate access when needed.

“We have been able to bring consistency to our certificate management processes. We have better monitoring, notifications, and workflows with Venafi.”

- Fortune 500 Insurance Company (source: TVID: 802-D06-5C6)

Simplify Encryption for Mobile Devices
Mobile Certificates Are Critical to Your Security

MDM/EMM, network, and remote access certificates are the foundation of trust for your business. They provide a critical defense against unauthorized access. And, as such, they enable greater access to enterprise WiFi networks and remote enterprise access using SSL and IPSEC VPNs.

Your Need for Mobile Certificates Is Increasing

As the number of enterprise-managed mobile devices increases, so does your need for digital certificates to keep them secure. The sheer scope and complexity of this effort is so daunting that many organizations postpone using digital certificate more broadly for enterprise mobility.

Securing a Moving Target Is Challenging

Issuing certificates to mobile devices is simply the beginning. After that, you may struggle to consistently audit and identify which certificates give which users access to your network. It’s also critical that you be able to terminate any duplicate or unrevoked certificates issued to past employees that could be used for unauthorized access.

Secure Enterprise Mobility to Prevent Unauthorized Access

Venafi helps you ensure stronger authentication and easier network access. Our security platform gives you visibility and control over mobile device and user certificates. So you have what it takes to prevent data loss and unauthorized access to critical network applications and data.

See What You Need to Protect Mobile Users

You need complete visibility into the applications, users, and security that impact the certificates you use with MDM/EMM, WIFI, and VPN remote access. Venafi helps you collect all certificates from CAs and directories. You can consolidate this data to generate a single view for each user and identify anomalies such as duplicates and misuse.

Maintain Consistent Security Across Devices

Avoid the risk of unauthorized access. Venafi gives you full control over access by centralizing certificate security for all devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Plus, you can automatically connect to one or more CAs and integrate with leading MDM/EMM, WiFi, and VPN systems.

Apply Customized Policies for Mobile Certificates

Different teams manage different parts of the mobility stack, which creates gaps in management and security. Venafi provides a single management console across all certificates. So you can customize policies to users and consistently enforce policies across devices and applications.

Terminate Access with Single-click Revocation

It’s important that you revoke certificates issued to past employees. Venafi helps you terminate access immediately when employees leave or transfer. You can revoke all certificates associated to a particular user with a single-click, intelligent kill switch.

Key Advantages

  • Employ a self-service portal for rapid issuance and distribution
  • Integrate with leading MDM/EMM, WiFi and VPN systems
  • Centralize certificate management across all devices
  • Enforce customized policies for each certificate use case
  • Terminate access, revoking all certificates associated to a user
Take the First Step

Take the First Step

Streamline the issuance and distribution of mobile certificates to your MDM/EEM.

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