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The VIA Venafi No Outage Guarantee

We are so certain that Venafi customers who follow the Venafi Way will experience no certificate-based outages that we will guarantee it.

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Certificate-related outages are challenging

When sites, services and applications fail due to expired or misconfigured certificates, these failures cause time-consuming, expensive and even job-threatening challenges. With information security teams struggling to extend necessary certificate management and security, certificate-related outages are on the rise. With Venafi, however, organizations can prevent these outages.

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What is VIA Venafi?

VIA Venafi is a combination of technology, experience and proven expertise that helps drive our customers to common goals. Founded on Venafi technology that delivers the Visibility, Intelligence and Automation to protect machine identities of all types, this approach is based on access to and a deep understanding of all the needed components.

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VIA Venafi for Outages

One common goal addressed by VIA Venafi is stopping certificate-related outages before they can impact mission-critical systems. Venafi has helped global corporations successfully prevent site and service outages due to certificate expirations and misconfigurations. VIA Venafi delivers a specific and comprehensive path—encompassing people, processes and technology—that eliminates outages.

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The VIA Venafi No Outage Guarantee

If you have an outage that directly results from an expired or mis-configured certificate 
in the Venafi Platform, and that certificate was configured and protected in a manner compliant with the Venafi Way, we will make it right by providing at no charge to you Venafi subject matter experts to help investigate the failure, perform a root cause analysis, and specify the actions needed to remediate and avoid recurrence of that same problem.

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The VIA Venafi Review

To better assist our customers in understanding where they are along the VIA Venafi path, we also offer a free VIA Venafi Review. Venafi customers can request a progress assessment from Venafi experts at no cost.

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