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Devops Key & Certificate Security

Procure and Install Keys and Certificates in Real Time

Accelerate DevOps without Sacrificing Security

Venafi automates the procurement and installation of keys and certificates so your DevOps teams don’t have to choose between agility and security. Our platform helps you enforce security policies in a devops environment without slowing continuous development.

Visibility and Control

Secure DevOps at the Speed of Business

DevOps leverages dynamic technologies to deliver new IT services faster than ever. But when developers are moving this quickly, they may not take the time to bake security into DevOps “recipes.” Without secure connections throughout the environment, you can’t prevent unauthorized access to code repositories and DevOps frameworks.

Venafi fully automates the management of certificates according to your security policies. So you can avoid costly vulnerabilities and your DevOps teams can safely deliver on the promise of fast IT.

“Venafi is very efficient for deploying certificates and makes quick work of the whole procurement process.”

- Wells Fargo (source: TVID: F6A-9D3-D35)

Accelerate DevOps without Sacrificing Security
There Is a Better Way to Secure Fast IT

Venafi standardizes and fully automates the management of your keys and certificates as a central part of your DevOps environment. With tight integration into the DevOps automation platforms of your choice, you can feel confident about meeting business objectives quickly and securely to keep DevOps methodology moving.

Venafi adds the following security practices to your automated build processes:

  • Policy Control: Apply and enforce key and certificate policies for key length, hashing algorithm, validity period, and more.
  • Vault: Secure key material in the Venafi Trust Protection Platform database.
  • Access Control: Limit requests for certificates and key material to a particular group or individual.
  • Workflow Processes: Define workflows based on certificate or application type.
  • Audit Logging: Access full audit logging to help achieve compliance.
Avoid Delays Caused by Manual Processes

Many enterprises use manual methods to issue and manage keys and certificates. But manual processes are incompatible with dynamic DevOps environments with continuous delivery tools: they are error-prone and can bring the entire process to a crawl. Venafi helps you automate this process to keep pace with the introduction of new services and innovation.

Don’t Be Tempted to Skimp on Security

Your DevOps automation teams may try to avoid using encryption because of slow key and certificate provisioning. Even worse, they may also take shortcuts with SSH keys, reusing them for privileged access. Venafi helps you avoid key reuse with full visibility into where keys are being used, by whom, and for how long.

Venafi Scales Security at the Speed of Business

Venafi helps DevOps teams dramatically scale cryptographic resources by standardizing and automating the entire certificate process. The Venafi API integrates into any DevOps platform, such as Chef, Puppet, and Docker. Automation accelerates the development process and improves security by reducing the time needed to procure and provision certificates from days to minutes.

Key Advantages

  • Rapidly provision new keys and certificates for DevOps
  • Generate new private keys that meet security policies
  • Integrate key and certificate provisioning with workflow systems
  • Automatically assign new certificates to requesting applications
  • Secure applications as they move through the development lifecycle
Take the First Step

Take the First Step

Automate security for DevOps keys and certificates.

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