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Accelerate development process and improve security by reducing the time needed to procure and provision certificates from days to minutes with automation.

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Are your developers compromising security for speed?

Developers are typically not security experts and most do not aim to be. This often results in security being ignored or minimized to maintain the velocity of continuous delivery. To improve security, certificate issuance must be designed to work within DevOps CI/CD pipelines.

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Accelerate application development with secure DevOps

When you automate the procurement and installation of keys and certificates, your DevOps teams don’t have to choose between agility and security. Better yet, if you can enforce security policies within your DevOps methodology, you’ll avoid having any delays in continuous releases and DevOps teams don’t have to slow down.

Current certificate processes are incompatible with DevOps

DevOps automated deployment processes often do not support the use of certificates that comply with organizational policy. As more infrastructure is created with an assortment of certificates, you face an increased risk of failed audits, application downtime and even breaches. It’s time to start automating machine identity protection by incorporating trusted certificates into DevOps CI/CD pipelines.

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Enforce security policies for DevOps certificates without slowing development

Venafi fully automates the management of your keys and certificates as a central part of your DevOps environment. With tight RESTful API-based integration into the DevOps automation platforms, you can feel confident about meeting business objectives quickly and securely while your DevOps application developers move fast.

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Reduce complexity in DevOps and boost security

The Venafi API integrates into many DevOps tools, such as Kubernetes, HashiCorp Vault, Chef, and Terraform. So it’s easy to ensure that your automated build process includes key and certificate policy enforcement, access control, workflow processes and audit logging. Our integrations with leading certificate authorities and DevOps tools help you standardize certificate processes for DevOps, enforce security policy and provide the visibility required for audit and compliance checks.

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Increase visibility and comply with regulatory frameworks

Compliance with regulatory frameworks such as PCI-DSS, NIST and HIPAA can be a constant struggle. With a rapidly changing infrastructure, it’s virtually impossible to maintain the continuous visibility of certificates you need for compliance. Venafi’s DevOps solutions provide real-time visibility into certificates and allow you to deploy certificates to modern infrastructures that secure all machine-to-machine communications for true end-to-end HTTPS.

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