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Cryptography & Network Security

Make Sure Your Keys and Certificates Are Trusted and Secure

Protect Your Keys and Certificates Against Intrusion
Get Proactive

SSL/TLS keys and certificates keep your business as safe as you let them. Treat them with respect and your keys and certificates will work for you, not against you. Our security platform defends against attacks that misuse keys and certificates.

Visibility and Control

Control Encryption and Authorization

Digital certificates and cryptographic keys are the foundation of your enterprise’s security. They protect communication channels across the internet and throughout your internal networks.

Venafi gives you the visibility you need to block a new breed of hackers who misuse keys and certificates to hide in your encrypted traffic. Plus, you’ll have what it takes to act quickly, when needed, to keep avoid compromise or disruption caused by expired certificates.


Eliminate Blind Spots

Stop attacks that misuse SSL/TLS keys and certificates to bypass your security controls.

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Migrate from SHA-1

Upgrade to the safer standard to avoid disruptions that hit your brand and bottom line.

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Pass Compliance Audits

Avoid the hassles of responding to audit findings easy-to-demonstrate compliance.

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Refresh PKI

Streamline your PKI update with central visibility, automated processes, and validation.

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Stop Outages

Automate key and certificate security to avoid costly, business-disrupting outages.

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Why Protect SSL/TLS Keys and Certificates

Your business relies on encrypted communications to transact securely across the edge to the endpoint. But what if you can’t trust the identifying certificates on each end of the channel? Without this trust, you can’t engage in the web transactions such as e-commerce and online banking that your consumers now rely on without having a second thought about security.

Why You Should Start Protecting Now

Like most enterprises, you may be tempted to take key and certificate management for granted: set and forget. That is until you’re threatened with an outage or a breach. Without the right security and management, you have a real mess on your hands. Especially if you manually inventory, deploy, revoke, and monitor hundreds if not thousands of keys and certificates.

Don’t Leave Security Gaps

Almost all enterprises have rogue or misconfigured certificates that are unknown to operations teams. Without a discovery tool you are blind to the potential threats of the unknown. And this lack of attention can leave security gaps. But you also have to be careful to avoid a blind trust of secured communications—you may assume they are safe simply because they are encrypted. Wrong.

Decrypting Alone Isn't Enough

Even if you invest in technologies to decrypt and inspect traffic, you face an uphill climb. You are challenged by ensuring that you have access to all keys and certificates, especially those that are rogue and being leveraged by a malicious actor.

Regain Control of SSL/TLS

Venafi helps you take control of your keys and certificates, making sure they work properly to safeguard your mission-critical business communications. The Venafi Trust Protection Platform discovers and protects all keys and certificates in the datacenter, on desktops, on mobile and IoT devices, and in the cloud.

Get Prepared to React Faster

This protection helps you improve your security posture with increased visibility, threat intelligence, policy enforcement, and faster incident response times. So you can avoid issues such as certificate-related outages and compromises that leverage misused keys and certificates.

Venafi Protects the Keys and Certificates of the Global 5000

Venafi scales to support millions of keys and certificates across the enterprise. So you can centrally manage and audit all user and device certificates, regardless of whether they are in the cloud or on premises. This enables you to gain immediate visibility of secured channels and credentials and quickly identify and eliminate bad guys and insiders misusing keys and certificates.

Gain Visibility and Control over Your Keys and Certificates

By removing blind spots in encrypted traffic, your existing security solutions become fully effective, because you can now see inside all encrypted traffic. This visibility also helps you pass audits and comply with new standards and regulations through vulnerability identification and remediation with on-going reporting.


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