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Key & Certificate Security Compliance

The Additional Security and Visibility Will Keep Your Business Safer

Secure Your Keys and Certificates to Meet Compliance

Venafi helps you successfully meet compliance requirements for protecting keys and certificates. Our automated security platform ensures repeated audit success while continually defending against trust-based attacks.

Visibility and Control

Keep Your Organization Safe and Compliant

Cybercriminals are using keys and certificates to authenticate fraudulent access and evade detection, bypassing other security controls. As attacks against keys and certificates become more prevalent, standards bodies are mandating stronger security controls to protect them.

The Venafi Platform automates your key and certificate protection to help simplify compliance for complex, load-balanced encryption environments.

“Monitoring has been made easier and internal certificate alerts are more effective.”

- Global 500 Financial Services Company (source: TVID: 2CF-34E-9E2)

Secure Your Keys and Certificates to Meet Compliance
Keys and Certificates Are a New Compliance Risk

Cybercriminals leverage keys and certificates to bypass traditional security by creating a false illusion of trust. Even worse, these same keys and certificates secure sensitive patient, customer, employee and payment card information. Standards boards are recognizing the seriousness of this new threat vector and are actively addressing it.

Many Organizations Are Woefully Unprepared

Unfortunately, security controls and standards boards are demanding more visibility and security for keys and certificates than most organizations can deliver. Many rely on internal scripts or manual processes to manage their keys and certificates. So they ultimately lack the security, automation, and scalability needed for ongoing compliance and audit success.

Why Keys and Certificates Complicate Compliance

For most organizations, discovering keys and certificates is a manual, labor-intensive exercise, conducted only periodically to achieve compliance. There is no ongoing monitoring to provide access to this information. This makes it difficult to maintain an inventory of all system components, as required by PCI DSS, in particular.

Keep an Updated Inventory of all Keys and Certificates

Venafi rapidly conducts key and certificate discovery to deliver insight into the entire key and certificate inventory. This helps you identify all keys and certificates across your networks, cloud, trust stores and multiple CAs. Once you detect all keys and certificates, you can create a baseline to flag policy violations or misuse. And reports provide on-demand audit support.

Protect Against Malware That Uses Trust-based attacks

Venafi provides malware mitigation and remediation for keys and certificates. By continuously monitoring keys and certificates, Venafi helps you enforce policies, detect anomalies and evaluate new risks. So you can quickly refresh and replace your key and certificate infrastructure if there is a breach.

Make Sure Your Certificates Are Never Shared

Venafi provides an easy-to-use, web-based, self-service portal. We support flexible policies that allow authorized system administrators, application owners, and end users to quickly request new certificates while also enabling strict certificate usage policies to limit access.

Enforce Policies and Workflows Across the Board

With Venafi, you can enforce policies and configure workflows. This helps you restrict replacements, issuance and renewals based on factors such as approved CAs, algorithms, key lengths, roles, lifecycles, and more. Our web-based, self-service portal can reduce your workload while improving adherence to policy.

Stay Compliant with Automated Management and Security

With automated certificate issuance and renewal, you can replace certificates in seconds. Plus, you can integrate with dozens of CAs and remediate security incidents across thousands of certificates in just hours. So you can act quickly to maintain compliance. Plus, you can rapidly scale new encryption-dependent applications.

Key Advantages

  • Fully automate key and certificate protection
  • Meet and exceed compliance requirements
  • Simplify and ensure repeated audit success
  • Continually defend against trust-based attacks
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Meet compliance requirements for keys and certificates.

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