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Migrate to SHA-2 Before Your Customers Are Shut Out

Impending SHA-1 Deadlines Will Impact Your Business


Venafi helps you automate and validate your SHA-1 migration with integration across hundreds of applications, devices, and CAs. So you can migrate to SHA-2 with speed, accuracy, and reliability—without requiring additional resources.

Automate and Validate

Rapid and Complete Migration

Avoid exploits from forged certificates, browser security warnings, and outages caused by SHA-2 incompatibilities. You need to be able to find and remediate all SHA-1 certificates for any CA. With fully automated replacement, you’ll reduce cost and risk to your organization.

Venafi enables you to quickly detect all SHA-1 keys and certificates, then automate their revocation, issuance, and replacement. Plus, you can generate reports that validate progress and completion.

“Venafi is a great product that automates what was once a manual certificate process.”

- Large Enterprise Financial Services Company (source: TVID: 49E-18F-F00)

The Hidden Costs of Delaying SHA-1 Migration

SHA-1 certificates are not only vulnerable to exploits from forged certificates. They’ll soon stop your business when they block access to vital systems and applications. On January 1, 2017, browsers and operating systems, like Windows 10, will no longer trust code signed with SHA-1. The resulting blocked connections will trigger costly business interruptions.

Avoid SHA-1 Certificate-related Outages

When it comes to preventing outages, every certificate counts. Yet, manually migrating certificates is a slow and arduous task. And many administrators are finding it difficult to manage and validate their SHA-1 migration progress. Often, they are blind to where they are in the transition or if it is complete.

Internal SHA-1 Certificates Are Hard to Find and Update

Your migration challenges are compounded for internal SHA-1 certificates which are harder to discover, manage, secure, and migrate, because they are spread throughout the enterprise and owned by different organizational units. Plus, your developers must test and update all critical enterprise systems. It’s not an easy task.

Save Time and Money By Automating Your Migration

To ensure comprehensive SHA-1 migration, you need to quickly identify all known and unknown certificates. Venafi automates this process so that you can use security policy templates to create an automated renewal schedule. This helps you proceed quickly and accurately.

Venafi Helps You Streamline Your SHA-1 Migration

Venafi automates the entire process. This level of automation saves time by identifying and replacing vulnerable SHA-1 certificates using established policies and workflows. Throughout the process, you can generate audit reports that include all migration details required to meet your compliance and governance needs.

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