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Prevent Exposure from SHA-1 Deprecation

Discover and Automate the Remediation of All Exploitable SHA-1 Certificates


Microsoft EDGE and IE 11 are now blocking SHA‐1 certificates and all major browsers have been flagging SHA-1 with security warnings for months. Yet, despite these stringent measures and warnings, many machine identities still use the deprecated SHA-1 hash, which can now be broken in a collision attack.

Automate and Validate

Find and Replace Weak Certificates

Venafi protects your machine identities by quickly detecting SHA-1 and other weak keys and certificates across the extended enterprise. The Venafi Platform automates the revocation, issuance, and replacement of deprecated algorithms and other certificate weaknesses, then validates proper installation.

“Venafi is a great product that automates what was once a manual certificate process.”

- Large Enterprise Financial Services Company (source: TVID: 49E-18F-F00)


Internal SHA-1 certificates are the most difficult to discover, manage and secure because they are spread throughout the global enterprise and owned by different organizational units and teams. Venafi helps you quickly identify weaknesses in all internal and external certificates, such as those that still use the SHA-1 hash, which is vulnerable to attack.

The Venafi Platform automates remediation and validation of weak certificates and allows you to use security policy templates to create an automated renewal schedule. You’ll save time by identifying and replacing vulnerable SHA-1 certificates using established and automated workflows. Plus, you’ll avoid machine identity exploits from forged certificates, browser security warnings, and outages caused by SHA-1 incompatibilities.

Key Advantages
  • Rapidly discover all SHA-1 certificates across the extended global enterprise
  • Fully automate the migration of SHA-1 certificates, regardless of certificate authority
  • Prevent SHA-1 certificates from reappearing within your global extended infrastructure
  • Validate and automate your migration process for compliance audits
  • Strengthen key and certificate security attributes across the global enterprise
Take the First Step

Take the First Step

Discover and replace SHA-1 certificates across certificate authorities.
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