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Secure your machine identities across multiple protocols

Machine identities—cryptographic keys and digital certificates—provide a critical foundation for your cybersecurity solutions. Whether you’ve been breached, had an outage, have an upcoming audit, or just want to improve your best practices security posture, Venafi can provide assistance. By protecting and managing your machine identities, we can help you achieve your objectives quickly and cost-effectively.

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Poor management of machine identities can have catastrophic costs

Prominent hacks and outages have cost companies hundreds of millions of dollars and executives their careers. Machine identities are often managed with informal processes such as spreadsheets and to-do lists. This results in:

  • Expired certificates. Certificates must be renewed regularly, often every three months. Expired TLS certificates result in outages, and in one case, a single expired certificate cost a company nearly a billion dollars.

  • Key Sprawl and compromise. SSH keys are widely used and, unlike certificates and passwords, they don’t expire and often provide privileged access. As a result, organizations typically don’t track these keys and are unaware of their cryptographic strength and how they are being created, copied and used.

  • High costs and delays. Devoting expensive staff hours to manual processes takes too long and is not economically feasible.

Compliance and audit failures. As a result of prominent hacks, auditors are increasingly looking to ensure best practices via compliance standards. Manual processes result in inconsistent security policy.

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“The  world is undergoing a dramatic digital transformation, and now our very existence depends upon machines... The bad guys know this and they’re dedicating more time and resources to obtaining machine identities, so they can use them in attacks.” - Jeff Hudson, CEO

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Venafi provides machine identity visibility, intelligence and automation

The Venafi Platform is a highly scalable, enterprise-class platform that provides continuously automated protection and control of machine identities across multiple protocols.

Venafi helps you establish workflows and company-wide security policies for cryptographic attributes, such as root access, the ability to copy keys, and key types and lengths.

To stay on top of your cryptographic risk posture, the Venafi Platform allows you to coordinate with Venafi administrators in IT and PKI groups via dashboards, automated reporting and periodic reviews of your key inventory and security stance.

Get the visibility, intelligence and automation needed to assess risk, protect against breaches, prevent outages, and ensure consistent security policy and compliance across your organization.

  • Visibility. Discover certificates and associated private keys, SSH user and host keys, and their properties and relationships.

  • Intelligence. Determine policy deviations and develop a prioritized list of violations that need to be remediated.

  • Automation. Continuously scan for updates, identify new vulnerabilities and apply remediation manually or automatically, and in bulk.

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