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Easily request certificates from your DevOps toolchain

A prime challenge to DevOps speed is the procurement of digital certificates. Manually requesting certificates is a non-starter yet most readily available automation solutions don’t comply with security policy. Proactive development teams know that the security policy should be defined as code, versioned as code and tested as code.

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Automate compliance for DevOps

Complying with policy involves upfront collaboration across development teams, operations and information security teams. Once standards are agreed to, certificate issuance and deployment must be established programmatically to remove details so that development teams can instead focus on building innovative solutions.

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Secure infrastructure as it is spun up

Automation is paramount for DevOps professionals. As software-defined infrastructure is modeled—through configuration management or other patterns—systems require certificates to be available at runtime, automatically and as fast as possible.

The current state of certificate provisioning within DevOps poses a variety of challenges:
  • Certificate provisioning is not embedded into software-defined infrastructure.
  • Development teams are unable to easily comply with policy.
  • Information security, risk and governance teams have little visibility into certificates.
  • Certificate-related outages continue to plague organizations.
Take a shift-left approach to certificates

The exponential growth of machines demands a shift in the approach to digital certificates. Ultimately, from a process perspective, different workloads should have unique and programmatic methods to consume certificates throughout the whole development process. It’s time to bake trusted certificates into DevOps pipelines using a standardized REST API that abstracts away certificate issuers. Plus, it should work with existing DevOps tools such as Kubernetes, HashiCorp and Terraform.

Implement DevSecOps for certificates into your pipelines

Venafi’s DevOps solutions for SSL/TLS provides DevOps professionals with the visibility, intelligence and automation they need to secure modern architecture both on-premises and in the cloud using certificates that comply with policy.

Get visibility into all DevOps certificates
  • Get real-time dashboards to track certificate issuances.
  • Receive expiry alerts and gain insight into upcoming certificates to prevent outages.
  • View system activity to provide an audit trail.​
Access intelligence on how certificates are performing
  • Use predefined recipes tailored to your DevOps toolchain to standardize access to certificates across multiple certificate authorities.
  • Comply with certificate policy by environment (build, test, staging, production) and by infrastructure type.
  • Respond to crypto-threats without having to update code.
Automate certificate processes into development processes
  • Automate certificate issuance and deployment using our REST API or DevOps tools, including Kubernetes, HashiCorp Vault, Terraform, Docker, Chef and SaltStack.
  • Automate certificate renewals for Docker containers managed via Kubernetes or by using ACME.​
  • Programmatically request and deploy certificates directly to Azure Key Vault and other cloud providers.
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Want to Automate Certificate Issuance?

Use a certificate service that integrates with the DevOps toolchain

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