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Software Developers

Software Developers

Your development team is under pressure to innovate, but security requirements related to code signing can be a drag on productivity. Your team usually has two choices. You can either manage code signing yourself, though you may sacrifice security. Or, you can have your security team sign code for you and run the risk of delaying your software release. Now you don’t have to choose.

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Automating your code signing process

With Venafi, you don’t have to hassle with managing your own code signing process. We automate the provisioning, enforcement, and workflow approval process for code signing. Your team defines parameters, such as which certificates and code signing tools are authorized, who needs to approve their use, and which people are authorized to use them. Venafi does the rest without the need for your security team to be involved in the actual work flow.

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Venafi Integrates with the tools that you use

You don’t need to replace the code signing tools that you use today. Instead, we plug into them without changing your work flow, or your build scripts. When a code signing operation is initiated, a hash is automatically sent to the Venafi platform where it is signed with your private key and then returned back to your code signing tool. All without modifying your build infrastructure, your DevOps pipelines, or anything else.

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Venafi doesn’t slow you down

Because there is no need to send the entire executable to the Venafi platform, code signing happens as quickly as it does using your native code signing tools.

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Avoid mistakes with code signing

It can be tricky to keep track of which code signing certificates are supposed to be used for development, for QA, and for production. All of that is easily defined within the Venafi platform and you are guaranteed to always use the correct code signing credentials for your specific use case.

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Every software project is different

Every software project is different Every software project has unique characteristics:

• Code signing certificates available
• Who is authorized to approve a certificate for use
• Who is authorized to sign code
• Which code signing tool needs to be used
• Coding language, build environments, build processes

It doesn’t matter if you’re programming in Windows PowerShell, Java, creating Windows DLLs or executables, or Android apps, Venafi can automatically secure your code signing process.

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