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Protect machine identities for online shoppers and ensure customer loyalty

Venafi protects the machine identities of 4 of the top 5 U.S. retailers. We provide visibility, intelligence and automation of PKI and digital certificate resources to protect retailers from website outages and credit card breaches, as well as to maintain high consumer confidence.

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Protect against outages by protecting your machine identities

Your online retail business cannot afford outages due to expired certificates. You must maintain the continued availability of online services, which can be jeopardized by certificate-related outages. Expired certificates can cause unplanned outages that take down important retail services and systems, resulting in millions of dollars worth of damages.

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Build trust with your customers

Recent data breaches with several major retailers have caused trust issues with consumers. Because your customers expect their personal information to be safe, you must ensure the security and privacy of their purchases by protecting digital keys and certificates. Doing so will help you enable secure transactions, allowing remote access to point-of-sale devices and other systems and applications in your corporate offices and retail branches.

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Protect critical business assets

Personal and financial information in retail transactions is a prime target for cybercriminals. Unprotected machine identities allow them to compromise keys and certificates, gaining trusted status on your network and remaining undetected while stealing customer, partner and company data. When your machine identities are left unprotected, cybercriminals can use them to spoof websites, hide in encrypted traffic and steal customer data. This can cost your organization millions of dollars and damage your brand.

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Machine identity protection instills confidence

Even with other security controls in place, cybercriminals can compromise unprotected keys and certificates, bypassing security controls via trust-based attacks. To keep your machine identities safe from compromise, you need central visibility and consistent processes. Without those, you’ll struggle with weakened security and long delays for certificate renewals, putting your organization at risk of cybercrime—or worse.

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Strengthen your machine identity protection

The Venafi Platform helps organizations reduce risk by ensuring proper key and certificate configuration. Our monitoring and reporting capabilities also provide visibility into the ongoing state of your security and compliance, protecting you from cybercrimes. In addition, you can set up workflows for security practices that anyone can use, ensuring consistent certificate security across the company.

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Venafi also provides automated certificate provisioning processes that guarantee efficient and secure deployment of machine identities. You can load your key and certificate inventory with automated network scans. Plus, Venafi helps you preconfigure certificate renewals, allowing them to move forward with only a manual check of the certificate and its associations prior to the scheduled renewal date and time.

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