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Protect against compromise or misuse

Are you exposed on the dark web?

Prevent malicious or unintended use of machine identities and enforce security controls with automated detection and remediation of risks. Access hundreds of native integration and outof-the box integrations that provide the broadest range of threat protection for your keys and certificates.


Find solutions that help prevent misuse and compromise

-  TLS Protect gives you up-to-the minute security status of TLS keys and certificates

-  SSH Protect finds SSH keypairs to minimize the threat of pivoting exploitation

-  CodeSign Protect provides software assurance that helps prevent supply chain attacks

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Get a comprehensive view of all machine identities

Maintain complete visibility to all TLS, SSH and code signing machine identities. Easily automate intelligence on security risks so you can quickly identify and remediate anomalous behavior.

Maintain active control over machine identities

Extensive integrations across your technology and security stacks simplifies the management of machine identities for all critical infrastructure.

Maximize threat detection in encrypted traffic

Get automated, secure synchronization of TLS machine identities to threat protection systems for 100% traffic inspection.

Centralize your machine identity governance

Define policies for all machine identities and remediate policy violations from a central location. You’ll prevent re-use of TLS private keys and detect changes to SSH authorized key lists.

See how we’ve helped hundreds of companies like yours

  • Healthcare Provider reduced the risk of attack from unknown public keys by preventing developers from automating keysets that may be used in an attack.
  • Financial Services Firms gained complete control of all SSH keys allowing them to pass audits and stay in compliance with governance moving forward.
  • Travel Technology was able to enforce TLS security policies across legacy and new cloud-based applications without impacting time to market.

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Find out where you may be exposed to certificate misuse

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