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Find and Secure SSH Keys

Manage SSH key sprawl by securing your machine identities

System breaches are commonly a result of compromised machine identities, which are cryptographic keys at the root of cybersecurity solutions. Venafi helps you secure and control your SSH keys to minimize the risk of their falling into the hands of cybercriminals and others who are experts at obtaining unauthorized privileged access to critical business applications and systems.

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Whether you’ve been breached, have an upcoming audit or just want to improve your security posture, Venafi can help protect your SSH machine identities. Using Venafi solutions, you can achieve your SSH security objectives quickly and cost-effectively, giving you peace of mind that you’re on the right path.

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Do you have visibility into the location of your important keys?

Security officers are becoming increasingly concerned about SSH key sprawl as prominent hacks have cost companies hundreds of millions of dollars. SSH keys are widely used in attacks and, unlike TLS certificates and passwords, they don’t expire. Because organizations typically don’t track SSH keys, they’re unaware of their cryptographic strength, as well as how and where they are being created, copied and used. 

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Often, SSH Keys Have Been Active for Many Years, Increasing The Risk That:
  • Many copies have been made.
  • Numerous keys have become obsolete.
  • Keys belonging to previous employees are still active.
  • Hackers have unauthorized root/privileged access to devices across the network.
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Furthermore, due to the prominence of hacks, auditors need to ensure best practices through compliance standards like NIST IR 7966 & SP 800-53. And because audits—driven by internal teams or initiated by customers—can come at unexpected times, it’s important that you work toward improving your best-practices security posture while also preparing for the inevitable audit.

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Venafi provides SSH key visibility, intelligence and automation

The Venafi Platform is an enterprise-class platform that provides full life cycle management and protection of machine identities like SSH keys. Venafi helps you define your security policy for attributes, such as root access, the ability to copy keys, and key types and lengths. Once strong policies are in place, you can discover all your keys and properties.  

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You can then apply security policies to identify vulnerabilities and prioritize recommended remediations. While you may want to manually perform actions, such as rotating old, weak keys, you can also automate those processes. After your initial phase of remediation, you can regularly monitor for changes that violate policy. You can choose to either remediate automatically or send a notification to an administrator who can do it manually.

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