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Control Privileged Access to Your Network

Keep Your SSH Keys Out of the Hands of Hackers

Keep Your SSH Keys Out of the Hands of Hackers

Venafi helps you block attacks that use stolen SSH private keys to gain privileged access to your network. With our security platform, you can protect your SSH key inventory, identity misuse, and remediate vulnerabilities.

Visibility and Control

Block Hackers from Privileged Access

Cybercriminals can misuse high-value SSH keys to elevate their privileges in your network and disguise malicious activity. Without visibility into how SSH keys are used, you cannot detect these threats or defend against them.

The Venafi Platform helps you quickly inventory your SSH environment and map trust relationships between hosts and users. You can then detect malicious behavior and enforce security policies for SSH keys that do not meet corporate standards.

“Venafi Trust Protection Platform allows us to monitor our certificates during the entire lifecycle and it also allows us to automate the same process.”

- Medium Enterprise Banking Company (source: TVID: 130-C07-951)

Keep Your SSH Keys Out of the Hands of Hackers
The Importance of Protecting SSH Keys

SSH keys provide the highest privileges for accessing servers, applications and cloud instances. If left uncontrolled, SSH keys create significant gaps in privileged security controls. A single stolen SSH private key gives a hacker rogue root access to your network, bypassing all the security controls you’ve put in place.

Why Your SSH Keys May Be at Risk

SSH keys do not expire, creating a perpetual vulnerability if not rotated. Surprisingly, most companies change their SSH keys less often than they change passwords. They rely on system administrators, not IT security teams, to self-police SSH keys. And some do not rotate SSH keys at all.

First, You Have to Know Your Exposure

Without the proper security, you won’t be able to identify how many SSH keys you have, who uses them, and what they can access. This leaves you unable to detect when rogue SSH keys are introduced into your network, let alone detect anomalies in their use.

Create a Baseline for Compliance

Venafi helps you create a comprehensive inventory of SSH keys and their corresponding configuration information. We’ll help you uncover SSH keys that do not meet internal and external compliance standards, and identify lost, orphaned, or unused keys. You can then map the trust relationships between hosts and user groups that are authorized to use the respective SSH keys.

Prepare to React Quickly to SSH Anomalies

After you have created a baseline of SSH key usage, you can detect misuse with real-time monitoring. This lets you act quickly when you see changes to authorized key lists, key additions and deletions, and other suspicious changes.

Notifications and Escalations

Proactive event notifications alert you to specific key events and actions. So you can quickly remediate any anomaly detected and remain in compliance with internal and regulatory policies. You can then change SSH key configurations that do not comply with policy and may indicate malicious activity.

Protect Your SSH Keys with Venafi

Venafi helps you secure the trust established by SSH. Our key and certificate security platform automates SSH key discovery, issuance, and rotation, in turn improving your security and speeding incident response.

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