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Federal & Government Agency Breach

Stop Breaches with Stronger Key and Certificate Security

Stop Breaches with Stronger Key and Certificate Security

Venafi helps federal agencies create a complete inventory of all keys and certificates across networks, cloud instances, CAs, and trust stores. Our platform delivers centralized, automated security and management for your agency’s keys and certificates.

Visibility and Control

Meet Security Mandates for Your Agency

Secure communications projects like HTTPS everywhere are putting a strain on operational resources, legacy systems, and security controls for federal agencies. But with Venafi, you can achieve a foundation of confidentiality, integrity, and availability, protecting against key and certificate misuse and helping to ensure uptime of mission-critical systems.

Venafi automates security for keys and certificate to decrease operational impact while providing accountability and audit support. With Venafi, your agency can comply with federal directives for key and certificate management and security with confidence.

“Venafi enables us to have ease of management and visibility into certificates.”

- Large Enterprise Financial Services Company (source: TVID: 49E-18F-F00)

Stop Breaches with Stronger Key and Certificate Security
Avoid the Compromise of Keys and Certificates

Unprotected PKI certificates and their corresponding private keys represent a security risk for federal agencies. Though PIV and CAC cards are tightly controlled, the services which users attach to receive less attention. Stolen or forged certificates can be used to trick users into providing information and malicious activity can hide in encrypted traffic.

Protect Your Agency’s Keys and Certificates

To minimize these blind spots, you need to understand the extent of your exposure. Venafi helps you uncover areas where problems may occur in the future or worse, have already occurred and gone undetected. Then we help you continuously monitor for anomalies, and prepare to respond immediately when you find them.

Gain Visibility and Understanding across the Board

Your agency may be using more cryptographic keys and digital certificates than you’re aware of. You can’t defend against trust exploits if you don’t have a clear understanding of your key and certificate inventory. Venafi helps account for keys and certificates and assign them an active owner. You can then investigate any rogue keys and certificates you discover.

Continually Monitor and Assess Status

To comply with Federal cybersecurity initiatives, your agency needs to have the ability to report on actual vs. desired state in your security implementation. Venafi helps you continuously monitor your keys and certificates. So you can evaluate specific behavior on the network and respond to potential compromises faster—significantly reducing risk and ensuring uptime and resiliency.

Control Your Exposure to Minimize Risk

Federal cybersecurity professionals are concerned about issuing certificates to mobile devices outside of IT control. Lack of automated policy enforcement for keys and certificates can result in security breaches and compliance issues. Venafi helps you enforce recommended cryptographic configurations such as long key lengths, strong algorithms, frequent rotation of keys, and short validity periods for certificates.

Automate Remediation for Rapid Response

The time it takes your agency takes to respond to an intrusion is directly proportional to the impact of that attack. You need to be prepared to respond quickly to an attack related to SSH key or a stolen digital certificate. Venafi automates the remediation process. So you can respond rapidly to an attack and rotate out compromised keys and certificates.

FIPS Integration Streamlines Security

The Venafi platform integrates with the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) validated hardware. Venafi runs on authorized Microsoft Windows servers in FIPS mode and integrates with one or more FIPS 140-2 Level 2 configured Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to store and secure symmetric keys used for encrypting private keys and other sensitive information in the Venafi Trust Protection Platform database.

Key Advantages

  • Identify all keys, certificates, CAs and trust stores
  • Continuously monitor keys and certificates for anomalies
  • Rapidly replace compromised keys and certificates
  • Enforce key and certificate policies to maintain security
  • Automate certificate requests and renewals

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Protect your agency’s keys and certificates against breach.

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